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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Health Care Nightmare

Posted on Jim DeMint's Blog about Health Care by me, Ann Ubelis,

I HAVE read the House bill and the Senate Bill. Both advocate a single payer (gov’t) system. Each outlaw private insurance, by making any policy invalid if purchased after the passage of either bill and non-transferable. The House bill forms over 50 various agencies and partners that will have input into your individual care as well as over 25, at last count, invasions of privacy and warrantless search & seizures of personal records and three instances of our homes.

Funding is at best questionable

Access and funding is given to “Community Organizations” such as ACORN, or whatever name they choose to use this week as well as private crony corporations.

Focus is given to “end of life”, however, who decides you are at your “end of life’?

Under the Senate plan abortion is covered and the House bill alludes to it, which leaves a big window open to cover it.

Both bills fund “community projects” which at best is ambiguous and broad based. What does community activity (ie - sidewalks and traffic lights) have to do with your medical healthcare? Join a gym. Public projects are covered under other infrastructure programs.

Both programs extend coverage to illegal immigrants under carefully worded and clouded wording. Yet, it excludes and protects Congress, federal employees and unions. They become protected classes.

To make matters worse, both programs limit and cut fees that Health care providers may charge. It limits their income, yet does not address Tort reform to counter their loss of income. Why would anyone become a Healthcare provider, when they can earn more money in a completely different field? The best minds and caregivers will leave and we will be saddled with not second best, but the worst!

Fewer Healthcare providers will result in rationing and higher taxes to cover the swamp of enrollees.

Nowhere in either legislation is their protection to current individuals or families with healthcare, or protection from rationing, or protection to receive the care you and your doctor decide upon, without interference of a bureaucrat, be they government or other entity.

Moreover, I guarantee, few members of Congress will surrender thier current cushy health plans in favor of these proposed plans.

In conclusion: Both bills violate the following Constitutional provisions and amendments:

4th Amendment: To be secure in our persona and papers against warrantless search and seizures (Unlimited access to our personal records and homes)

5th Amendment the right to not be deprived of life with out due process of the law. (denial of care decided upon by the patient and doctor)

6th Amendment the right to be free of prosecution with out due process of the law (penalties for refusing mandated healthcare)

9th Amendment Certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. (Congress, Federal employees and unions exempt)

Provisions mandate small business to carry the burden of healthcare, which will deny jobs, and close many small businesses, for companies overseas and dump the remiander into the government programs of limited care.

This is a nightmare, we don’t want or need.