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Friday, March 25, 2011


Imagine this, Progressive Liberals fight to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans because we're are teaching their children how to shoot guns.

OH WAIT! They're doing that right now!

Now, imagine this, Progressive Liberals support the unconstitutional "Kinetic Military Action" of a sitting President and Main Stream Media ignores they cries of "FOUL" from their own party.

OH WAIT!  They're doing that, yup, now!

So, imagine this, MSM and their Progressive Reporters plaster a front page picture of a 3 yrs old child in Benghazi, holding his father's loaded pistol as they celebrate an American military action, not approved by the United States Congress on the MSM newspapers.

Oh, Yes, they did that!

But, OOPS MSM said, suddenly that news item and picture disappeared from the MSM web site -  The above picture with a related AP article by Ryan Lucas and Hadeel Al-Shalchi 
appeared in my local rag on it's front page of the printed paper.
The picture posted at the top of this article was the front page spread.  A 3 year old boy held up by his father holding a pistol with his tiny fingers on the trigger.
Curious, I went to the newspaper's web site and the article was taken off the home page, not listed under national, world or political news on the site.  After searching under the writers, it wasn't listed under the American writer Ryan Lucas.  So I keyed in the co-author Hadeel Al-Shalchi and found it!

BUT....  Look closely at the pictures....
Note the little boy holding daddy's gun.  Curiouser and Curiouser!

Here's a thought, why don't we export all of the anti-2nd Amendment right anti-gun progressive lovers to the Mid-East and let them try to take that gun away from daddy & his son, the apple of his eye?

Oh, by the way, I didn't think Dad was too bright to hand a loaded firearm to a 3 year old in a wild crowd.  But, then again, there goes a perfect example of Darwin's Theory of evolution or not....

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Episodes - BlogTalkRadio

My Episodes - BlogTalkRadio

Listen as Naomi Litvin, the author & I discuss her book, "WE NEVER LOST HOPE, A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story".

It is a heart wrenching and true story of her parents and their story of survival during World War II. A story of bigotry, Concentration Camps, Slave Labor and DDay invasion.

Listen LIVE on Tuesday, March 23 at 2pm - 3:30pm EST. If you miss the broadcast, simply click on the player and listen at your leisure or download to iTunes or your iPod.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Holocaust Story

Tues, I'll interview Naomi Litvin, author of "WE NEVER LOST HOPE, A Holocaust Memoir & Love Story"

It is important we remember the past as we deal with today's issues and plan for our futures.
The show will broadcast on Tues, 3/22 at 2PM EST. It's also available to listen to online after the broadcast time 24/7 or can be downloaded to iTunes or an iPod.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Said That Because???

I have always been a Conservative.  I don't ever remember being anything else.  While my 2 brothers and my sister performed antics all over the neighborhood growing up, I was the one who cleaned up the messes and took care of the responsibilities we had in the family.  Maybe, that's why I got involved in Blog Talk Radio and created the show Southern Sense.

I am still running around the neighborhood trying to fix the messes, only this time it's the messes we allowed to occur because we didn't speak out enough.  In the past I wrote editorials, letters to elected officials, government offices and placed calls.  Two years ago, I co-founded the Beaufort Tea Party in South Carolina.   It was not enough, so I created this Blog, joined Twitter and Facebook.

Because of the Internet social networks, I started to get my voice heard, figuratively speaking, and met wonderful and new people.  Yet, I still felt it wasn't enough.  Today, I host, 2 days a week, the Blog Talk Show, Southern Sense as well as remaining active in local affairs, without becoming a politician.  On that matter, I promised my Momma, I would clean sewers first, before that happened!

Activism begins at the grass-root level.  You have to be passionate about an issue, whether it's adhering to the Constitution or the actions of your local council.  From the bottom up, I have found my voice has made some difference.  To begin with, the State Legislature wanted to modify the Handicap Parking Permits that hang from your car rear view mirror and place your photo exposed to anyone walking by.  I fought them and today, the photo is hidden and upon request of a law enforcement officer, can be shown to prove the person in the car is the actual permit holder and it's not being used fraudulently.  My argument was that any criminal can see a handicap permitted car and see an easy prey.  They only need to match the person to the photo and lay in wait for their intended victim.  I won.

Today, I am battling our local council to create a friendlier business environment that will create jobs, attract business and improve our local economy.  You have to start somewhere.

My point is, don't just sit back and trust someone else to take up the battle standard.  Step forward and choose your fight carefully, determine what your goal is and what compromises you'll accept.  You have to start with what you care the most about and use all of the resources available, be it print media, the Internet or the TV & Radio media.  Make your voice count! I have!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

OMG!! Who Are Conseratives????

When I started Southern Sense on Blog Talk Radio
I had no idea where it would lead me.
A little more than a year previous, along with 4 others, we started the Beaufort Tea Party in Beaufort, South Carolina.
It took off and we supported and encouraged the establishment of the Hilton Head and Bluffton Tea Parties.  The result of my activism was happily an invite to the Governor's Mansion for a luncheon on the economy and a Christmas Party.  That evolved into an invite to the Inaugural Ball for Nikki Haley.  Boy, from a quiet retired citizen to political activist has been an interesting road.
I have made friends with so many people across the board, that to define what a conservative looks like is impossible.  I have met Black, Gay, Asian, Jewish and reformed liberals, who are now, conservatives.  To only name a few.  As we grow as conservatives, more come out of the closet, so to speak.
To say there are no Black Conservatives is to deny the legacy of Fredrick Douglass and those who follow in his legacy.  In fact, I found, because of my Blog Talk Radio show, I have attracted an audience of a varied backgroud and ethnic heritage.
I must be doing something "Right"!  So Monday, March 7th, I have been invited to be a guest on Perry Steeles's show here on Blog Talk Radio.  I look forward to the show and hope you will join us!  I look forward to a time we can have an open dialogue to help place this wonderful nation onto a positve path to recovery and prosperity!