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Friday, March 30, 2012

Man Up America with Shane Hazel 03/30 by Southern Sense | Blog Talk Radio

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MAN UP AMERICA - Challenge to President Obama and all 2012 Presidential Candidates to a Town Hall by Shane T Hazel - Former Marine

Can the Candidates stand the withering question put to them by a Town Hall populated by only Former Marines?
Video Going Viral on You Tube:

Andrew Jackson said "One man with courage makes a majority ."

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Want To Say Thank You To Our Vietnam Veterans!

39 Years ago, on this date, March 30th 1973 the final troops were withdrawn from Saigon, leading to it's disastrous fall.  I was in a young teenager glued to the evening news watching the reports.  It wasn't like today with 24 hour feeds.  I cried.  I cried for a lost war, for 58,000 lost American lives, for the returning military to a nation that changed and wanted no part of them anymore after demanding they give their all and more.  I cried for the lost stature of the United States in the eyes of our enemies and the future that faced those who we abandoned in Asia.  

Our  military men and women were returning home silently and disappearing into the cracks of society, while others fell completely into oblivion in medical facilities or homeless, forgotten.  There were no homecoming parades.  Government for decades denied Agent Orange syndrome and vets were dying without proper treatment or compensation.  Those that wore their uniforms home were spat upon and called baby killers, so many took their uniforms off, grew their hair long and tried to forget a failed war, indifferent society and an incompetent government.

Some veterans of previous conflicts called the returning vets cry babies and hypochondriacs.  PTSD was not even recognized as was the cancers and other illnesses caused by Agent Orange which was completely denied and criticized.  No parades, no media coverage honoring the heroes, no one to say thank you!  Eleven years of a war and this nation tried to forget and ignore.

Yesterday, by Executive Proclamation, President Barack Obama  declared March 29th Vietnam Veterans Day.  Finally, this nation recognizes these veterans who were either drafted or volunteered to defend the interests of these United States of America.  Finally this nation is saying THANK YOU! Thank You  and God Bless each and every one of you, this nation owes you a debt that can never be repaid!

Watch this video:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Man Up America with Shane Hazel 03/30 by Southern Sense | Blog Talk Radio

Man Up America with Shane Hazel 03/30 by Southern Sense | Blog Talk Radio

Our men and women of the military have sacrificed so much for our liberties and security, especially those of the United States Marine Corp.  It is only right that our politicians, including the candidates answer to them for their actions and policies that threaten these liberties and our security, while placing them in harms way to further their careers.  Shane T. Hazel is a former combat Marine who has posted a video on You Tube called "Man Up America".  He challenges all of the 2012 Presidential Candidates to attend a Town Hall that he offers to moderate and to be populated by former Marines.

Will any of the candidates take him up on his offer?   Will the video go viral?  Will President Obama answer and attend?  Maybe we will have an answer by Friday when this shows will air live!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Defending The Republic with J L Mealer - America Shrugged 03/27 by Southern Sense | Blog Talk Radio

Defending The Republic with J L Mealer - America Shrugged 03/27 by Southern Sense | Blog Talk Radio

Listen in this Tuesday, March 25 at 2pm ET as I interview James L. Mealer,  Constitution Party candidate for President in 2012.  He is author of "America Shrugged".  GM and the government so fears Mr. Mealer that they have battled him over his attempt to create a new car manufacturing company!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

HEALING HEROES - Helping Severely Wounded Veterans

Listen to internet radio with Southern Sense on Blog Talk Radio

Southern Sense welcomes Dick Clarke and Robert deTrevelle who are working in conjunction with the Independence Fund to host the Healing Heroes Golf Week.

HHGW proceeds will be used to purchase one or more $17,000 ParaMobile, a stand up and play mobility device, for wounded veteran(s). 

The ParaMobile enables people with a variety of mobility impairments the ability to access their favorite outdoor activity safely. It is FDA Cleared as a Class 2 Medical Device and it's uses are only limited by your imagination. In the USA 603-860-7891 or for details.

Remaining funds will be used to provide direct support and the tools, therapies, and guidance that those veterans severely injured in the War on Terror are otherwise not receiving. The Independence Fund is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c) 3 organization run by combat veterans. Event organizers or participants are not financially compensated and all proceeds benefit our wounded troops. To learn more, visit or
Participants should register early to ensure their slot in this patriotic event. Registration packets are available at most area pro shops. To register online, go to