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Saturday, January 21, 2012

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TOO FUNNY - Now PBS interviewed be!  I'm a star!  Fast forward to about 14 mins 30 secs and stop after 23 mins 35 secs.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

SC TEA PArty Convention - Part 1

Last night my husband and I drove 3 1/2 grueling hours up to Myrtle Beach, SC for the TEA Party convention, that is a prelude to the SC GOP Presidential Debate and the SC GOP Primary.  I'm glad we did, because events started early.  Later, I will write about the debacle of the hotel rooms and amenities.  For now, I'll illuminate you on some of the highlights.

It was great fun today to connect with old friends and meet new ones, who are like minded conservatives.  I was amazed at the fervor of many who were former Herman Cain devotees and now stanch Ron Paul lovers  Ron Paul's stance on foreign affairs is still a major concern for me.  To allow Iran succeed in getting nuclear weapons is irresponsible.  Remember back to the FOX debate, when Paul stated "Why not, why shouldn't they have them."  Another area, I discussed with a member was Ron Paul's alleged racist publications from 20 years ago.  The response, oh, it was 20 years ago, only a few lines and even the head of the NAACP supports him.  Hmm, leopards do not change their stripes and bigots rarely have change of hearts without a radical epiphany, and I don't know of any life changing events that have happened in his life to say he has had one.  Next, it was not only a few lines, it was in several publicans of which I was able to obtain some copies of the entries.  Ron Paul was listed as editor and publisher and considering the type of publication and small circulation, I fail to understand how he could not have known of the passages.  As recently as the 1990 to 1996, he did not deny the items, nor dispute their intent.  Lastly, just how much do you trust the motivations of the Head of the NAACP?  Who would better benefit the rewards of an Obama re-election?

The SC Congressional contingent was fantastic and encouraging in the change that voters were able to effect in the last election cycle.  However, sadly, SC could not admit to having as a native son, was the charismatic speaker and Raging Elephants creator, Reverend Apostle Claver.  He had the house ROCKIN' with No Compromise and No Surrender, riling the crowd into an enthusiastic true bible belt rally!  Unfortunately, the audience was handed a humongous let down with the follow-up speaker, Million or Billionare Michael George of "Stay Strong America".  Not only was Mr. George a monotone and droning speaker, where he thought he would get a positive and rousing response from the TEA Party activist, he fell flat on his face.

Mr. George had made the mistake of breaking the taboo of TEA Party activist going into a primary of criticizing some candidates over their preference and imploring the TEA Parties to support and vote for his love child, Newt Gingrich.  The purpose of this convention was to create working relationships between the various groups and to offer tools for our upcoming battle to reclaim the Senate and White House.  After ripping Mitt Romney and Rick Santorium, he proceeded to preen over Speaker Gingrich.  Grumbles rippled through the crowd and some stated to their immediate neighbors that he should get off the stage.  Two of my friends openly challenged his motives and positions of Speaker Gingrich versus those of Governor Romney.  The crowd began to get more heated and, well, I lite the fuse by loudly filling the room with my sweet dulcet voice, and directing "No one tells the TEA Parties who to vote for, not today not ever.  No one tells us what to do!" to Mr. George.

Suddenly the media scramble to our corner of the room and camera flashed.  Most of the shots will probably hit the cutting room floor, but the rallying calls that followed my out burst was refreshing and has let everyone know, that although the majority of us are Republicans, we are not servants of, nor the arm of the Republican Party, nor can any candidate truly call themselves a TEA Party Candidate.

Final note, my big mouth didn't end there.  Oh no! 
OK - I can't keep my Big Mouth Shut - Part 1A - The SC TEA Party Convention did have OWS protestors - The Occupy Protesters were 2 women on the beach, 2 people for "GREEN" (Whatever that means), trying to sneak into the hotel and one of the 99% across the street from the entrance.

Yes, I couldn't resist - poor guy didn't stand a chance (by the way, he disappeared afterwards).  Coming back from lunch he stood all alone with his hand written sign "Down With The 1%, I'm With The 99%"  I called out to him - "How's that working out for you? You're the 1% standing out here & we're the 99% in there?" Said, I couldn't resist! :O
Stay tuned & I hope to give you more updated tomorrow!