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People can wrap themselves inside the Constitution, spew anything they choose to say, stick their tongue out in your face and declare you can't do anything about what they said. They have Freedom of Speech. Right? Yes! However, Freedom of Speech, comes married to the responsibility for ones own actions. If you say it, write it or draw it, be ready to defend it. Cower in silence, you abdicate your freedom and allow the bullies and censurers to win.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

DUMP Lindsey Graham!! Fight On With Lee Bright! 03/28 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Politics Conservative Podcasts

DUMP Lindsey Graham!! Fight On With Lee Bright! 03/28 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Politics Conservative Podcasts

There were shots across the bow, when in Florida, Jolly (R) sank Sink (D), and Mitch McConnell is finding he may not be a shoo-in in Kentucky.  Now, Lindsey Graham is pouring money into South Carolina to counter the burgeoning field running against him!

The leader of the pack so far is State Senator Lee Bright.

Lee will be our guest tomorrow at 2pm EST. Catch the podcast and find out why he's the hot ticket!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why We Must Dump Lindsey Graham!

You can find "Dump Lindsey Graham items at


On Friday, March14th, Senator Lindsey Graham was downtown Beaufort at The Q On Bay Street.

I asked Lindsey Graham two questions and got the most ambiguous answers possible!      

1st - I asked if he supported the lawsuit Joe Carroll filed in South Carolina against the Election Commission with the Dept of Justice to extend the time between the SC Primary on June 10th to change the time of the Run Off Election after the Primary from two weeks to 45 days, in compliance with Election Laws. 

I paused, and he jumped on the question with a vehement NO!  I then sprang the trap and added,  so it is in compliance with election laws and allows the military to vote.       

Boy, did he back pedal!  I got the most curious answer/non-answer.

He said that he believes - doesn't know for a fact, that the military will get a ballot where they can vote for Choice #1 and then Choice #2.


In other words, they will receive a primary ballot where they can make two choices.  They will not be able to vote in a run off election, should one occur, because the two week time period between both polling events is only 14 days and does not allow ample time to get absentee ballots to military personnel.  Current Election Laws require 45 days.

WTF?!! You ask??  That's what I said!  They have the ability to vote in a primary and if neither of their candidates make it to the run-off election, they won't be able to vote in the Run-off Election!  Furthermore, they get to pick two candidates for the same seat on the ballot, while all of the rest of us get to vote only for one!

Interesting, they just changed the election rules, so there is one set of rules for us peons and one set for the military, who find their voting rights restricted!

But, Graham added, he wasn't sure about the election law and rules, he'll have to check.  This from a man who was elected to the House of Representatives, then twice to the Senate and he doesn't know election law?

I smell some rotten fish here!  Senator Graham is seeking an unfair advantage over his challengers, knowing the short time frame favors his campaign coffers and name recognition.  Should the law suit by Joe Carroll prevail, it enables the challengers to spend more time to educate the public on their choices as well as the truth about Senator Graham's voting record and political actions.

2nd question was in reference to the Economic Package for the Ukraine.  This package is tied to a reform package with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  The package has sat in the Senate for the last 3 years, because it cedes our sovereignty to the IMF, while increasing our obligations to the fund.  It's simply a bad package and the Senate has rightly sat on it and should justly, can it!

I asked Senator Graham, if he would untie the package from the Ukraine Relief package and he jumped on it and said, yes!  Again, I paused and sprung the trap and added, would you vote for it, if the IMF package remains attached.  He paused for a second and said Yes, he would vote for it as it stands.

So, which is it, Senator Graham? Yes, to preserving our sovereignty or Yes, to ceding our sovereignty?  You can't have it both ways!

This is why we have to "DUMP Lindsey Graham!"

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Speaking Out with Chuck Morse: Just what is the "Right" side? 03/14 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Politics Conservative Podcasts

Speaking Out with Chuck Morse: Just what is the "Right" side? 

Join us as we talk to fellow Talk Show host Chuck Morse as we delve into the issues of the day!

Ukraine - Not sexy enough?  How about NSA Spying & Diane Feinstien getting outraged because she found out she's been spied upon! Heaven forbid it's not a peon little citizen, but she's a member of Congress!

TEA Party? Elections? Obamacare? Wages? Jobs?  Mylie Cyrus?? Just checking if you were awake.....

Join us tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Taking Back America with Katrina Pierson for Congress 03/04 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Politics Conservative Podcasts

Taking Back America with Katrina Pierson for Congress 03/04 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Politics Conservative Podcasts

The world is turning upside down and President Obama is surprised people are more concerned about the situation in the Ukraine than Global Warming?

We need to send to Washington, D.C. people like Katrina Pierson.  Catch her today on Southern Sense!