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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's NEVER Too Late!

Today on my broadcast of Southern Sense on Blog Talk Radio, I had a caller who felt it was "too late" for the Tea Parties and other conservative groups to undue the damage that the progressive left have done to our country and the Constitution. My guest, Charles Early of the Charleston Tea Party, here in South Carolina and I  spent long minutes trying to convince her she was wrong.  Here is our argument for hope and change in the "right" direction.

Long before Ronald Reagan realized he was a conservative, there was Ayn Rand who gave us John Galt and her powerful conservative values survive in the Ayn Rand Institute.  Enter the Heritage Foundation which continues to fight to counter the progressive agenda.  Throw into the mixture a "silent majority" who finally found their voices through the Tea Party conservative movement.  When poked and prodded enough by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama and Harry Reid the American People will say enough is enough and act to preserve this Republic.  We are silent no more!

It took about a century to get to this stage and it may take just as long to bring these United States of America back to a Constitutional government that our founding fathers envisioned.  Every journey begins with a first step to begin the momentum.  The warnings of Ayn Rand in "Atlas Shrugged" have been heard and the John Galt in all of us has been awoken.  We will act to vote and replace those who seek to destroy the Constitution and thus the Republic.  We will educate the public and our children as to what this document contains. It is the foundation of this nation, not a living, flexible document.  We will teach our children to be moral and responsible and to respect their fellow man.  We will hold our elected and government officials accountable for adhering to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the welfare of the Republic.  Most of all, we will be persistent, outspoken and determined, not relenting to outside pressure, misrepresentation or other tactics that are used against us as they try to cow us into submission.  The fight will be handed down to succeeding generations with the understanding we are handing down the Torch of Liberty that our founders entrusted to our care.

It won't be an easy journey.  It is long and the pitfalls are many.  We must stay true to our beliefs and our souls, for it is the soul of the country we fight for and the liberties our Creator endowed us with. This experiment, this Republic never before existed, nor has it existed elsewhere.  Do not let the word "Republic" which, other regimes flaunt in their name' fool you.  A true republic only exists when a written constitution works to protect the rights and liberties of the democratically represented people.  It is "We the people" at the beginning and "We the people" in the end.  It's never too late to preserve this Nation!