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Friday, June 28, 2013

If you ran for President, what will your 10 piont platform be?

2014, 10 Point Presidential Platform. 06/28 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Blog Talk Radio

I will add my meek 2 cents - This is in no particular order

#1 - Review & rescind executive orders by the previous administration that circumvent the legislative process and violate the Constitution. Also, seek to place into legislation a bill that will narrowly define times & circumstances when an Executive Order can & can't be used.

#2 - Direct the OMB & GAO, along with voluntary assistance of members of Congress & the public to submit for review any & all agencies that are obsolete, overly restrictive & in need of closing. After careful review begin to phase out & close these agencies, including the EPA, NEA, NLRB & many others. The ultimate goal to be at least a 33% reduction of government costs by reducing duplicity & unconstitutional agencies.

#2A - With the assistance of large & small businesses, review all government regulations which inhibit free enterprise & job growth. In conjunction with #2 rescind these regulations & downsize or close these agencies. Job growth comes from the private sector, not from government. Education should be on the local level. One size does not fit all!

#3 - Re-implement strong foreign policy of the Reagan era of " Trust by Verify" & "Peace through Strength". We ask so much of our volunteer men & women, yet the current administration has left them in complete demoralization. This is unacceptable. In rebuilding our military, we MUST include our veterans!

#4 - Remove Federal government from the daily lives of citizens by repealing Obamacare & returning education to the states, among many other programs like Medicaid, Unemployment, etc. In doing so, return all funding mandated by the Federal government to be sent by the states to the Fed, back to the states. These programs will be closed. Gee -Eduction will return to the state level! Bye Bye Common Core!

#5 - Adhere to the Constitution. No more NSA spying on law abiding citizens. The 4th Amendment dictates a narrowly defined warrant & that ain't in the current NSA warrant! The intrusion by the IRS, DHS, NSA, etal is illegal & heads should roll & those responsible should be behind bars!
This also includes unconstitutional restrictions on Gun Ownership, Religious Expression & Free Speech! No Sharia Law in America!

If legislation doesn't fall into the 18 Defined Powers in the Constitution - It is Vetoed!
If a regulation violates those same 18 limited powers, it is rescinded. If it's not Constitutional, its not legal!

#6 - Review all current treaties, pacts & foreign aide. If they are not our friends, they don't get our money. Bye Bye CAIR & Muslim Brotherhood!

#7 - Return our economy to firm footing, which will including auditing the FED & looking to end the Federal Reserve. Currency should be backed by hard assets like && silver. Repeal Dodd-Frank & all other restrictive crony capitalism legislation & return Glass-Stegall.

#8 - Secure our borders & enforce existing immigration laws. We don't need a new amnesty law. We have laws on the books which are more than adequate! Enforce them!

#9 - Drill, Drill, Drill! Keystone Pipeline, Fracking, Off Shore Drilling. We have the reserves to carry us for more than 100 years. In the meantime, let PRIVATE research seek alternative energy. Capitalism works if they are fighting for the next innovation.

#10 - Return dignity to the Office of the President. No more lavish vacations when the people are hurting. No more kowtowing to our enemies. No more succeeding our sovereignty to our enemies! No more late night comedy shows or gossip shows! The highest office of the land is not a stage for America's Idol, it is the seat of power in which we must utilize to promote our sovereignty, economic stability & national security. It is not the seat of a game show host!

This is my humble opinion. What is yours? Join us tomorrow at 2pm as we bandy this back & forth? 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TEA Party Madness with Diane Belsom & more 06/25 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Blog Talk Radio

TEA Party Madness with Diane Belsom & more 

Meet Diane Belsom of the SC, Lauren's County TEA Party and hear her story of the abuse she & her group endured from the IRS when they filed for 501 (c4) status.

Membership lists, emails, prjcting what a member may or may not do in the future.  Really? Not a joke.  Three years later, still not status on their application!

Don't forget to join us as we discuss the IRS Scandal with Conservative groups and many other issues - Today at 2pm

Friday, June 21, 2013

Defending The Republic: Judson Phillips 06/21 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Blog Talk Radio

Defending The Republic: Judson Phillips 06/21 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Blog Talk Radio

Is the TEA Party movement dead?  I think not.  This past week has proven it is more vitalized than before with the "Audit The IRS" March in DC.   Within less than 1 week word went out and through the grapevine to TEA Party like minded activist and thousands converged on the heart of the Nation.

Join us as we interview Judson Phillips of TEA Party Nation.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

Defending The Republic with Ron Meyer 06/07 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Blog Talk Radio

Defending The Republic with Ron Meyer 06/07 by Southern Sense Is Conservative | Blog Talk Radio

Congress is broken and the Obama administration is running amok!  What is the answer?  Today, we get a chance to take a peek at our future as we interview Congressional Candidate from Virginia, Ron Mayer.

Join us 2pm EST, June 7th