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Saturday, December 24, 2011

What Tax Cut Plan????

Get Your Tax Cut Here!   

This is the chant of politicians, each aware that they face re-election challenges in 2012.  So what do they they do?  They sell you a boondoggle of a program.  

HR 3630, The Tax Cut Plan which continues the reduction of Social Security deductions from your paycheck from 6.2% to 4.2%.  It was never a savings to the tax payer.  Indeed it is an added financial burden to future and current homeowners and fails to reimburse the depleted Social Security lock-box.

Let's take a look at this dreamy plan.  

Good points?  It is designed to save on average to a wage earner, $40.00 per month based upon a $50,000 yearly salary.  It maintains the current Medicare Doctor reimbursement and over the Christmas / Hanukkah holidays extends the unemployment benefits.

Now, the downside.  It extends the unemployment benefits, and dis-sways potential employees from even seeking temporary employment and encourages more people to enter into Social Security benefits early, to collect welfare, accept medicaid and continue to rely on public and private subsidies, rather than becoming self-reliant tax payers.  

Just imagine if you paid into Social Security over your full employment lifetime, say 40 years.  It may, for argument sake have equaled $300,000.  Now, imagine if you placed that money into a basic savings account earning whatever the current interest rate, as you made the deposits.  Your payout just may have equaled, Oh about between $1 Million to $1.5 Million in returns.  That amount is far more than what you would receive in payments from Social Security.  Those funds would spur the economy.  Most importantly, that money would be available to pass down to your heirs.  You can't do that with Social Security!

And the Kicker!  How are they funding this atrocity?   On the backs of homeowners who are 1st time home buyers or those who wish to refinance their high interest or ARM mortgages to a better rate.  Yup, the very people Freddie and Fannie Mac abused are once again, to be the victims of Big Government.  This goes for homes up to four units, not just single family homes.

Here's the scam.  In order to sell the Tax Cut Plan, they have touted the $40 a paycheck savings, which may equate to $1000 per year.  In order to fund that relief, they will raise the monthly mortgage fees on FHA mortgages to offset it.  So, for every $100, 000 in home value an additional $2,000 per year cost is added to the mortgage.   A home valued at $150,000 will see an increase of $3,000 per year and so forth.  Therefore, you will get $1,000 per year back into your pocket on your paycheck, but will spend at least $2,000 or more in mortgage fees per year.  

Do you think you heard it all?  Not yet!  If you rent, your rent will go up to make up for the higher mortgage costs.  If you are retired or not earning a paycheck, you don't qualify for the Tax Cut, but you do get to pay the additional mortgage costs.  

FINALLY, if you do get Tax Cut, it is additional income and TAXABLE.  Be prepared to pay higher taxes just to keep more of your money!

Is there an answer?  Yes, HR 3630 is a 1200 page monstrosity, which should have never been considered.  Instead, HR 3551 is a single page logical plan that tackles a single issue, the Tax Cut in Social Security With-Holdings.  It is a simple plan put forth by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Ca) that offers tax payers the option to take the tax cut or opt out.  If an individual chooses to take the tax cut, then for every year they accept the cut, they add an additional month to the time period for Social Security Retirement Age.  If you choose the cut for 5 years, then you add 5 months before you can collect Social Security at the current Social Security age.  You pay only one month for a year of Tax Cut benefits and do not burden other taxpayers.  You self-fund the Tax Cut, not a homeowner who has no skin in the game.

It's simple and logical, which is why Washington will never consider it!  Then again, if you make your voice heard, maybe they will.  Interesting thought isn't it?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What the Occupy Movement has gotten wrong!

What OWS has gotten wrong!

During the spring of this year, I received emails containing links warning about the Occupy protests.  I looked at the links and saw they were crudely built and passed it off to a bunch of fanatic nuts.  My mistake was in ignoring the warnings.  These are protests created by true anarchists that are not harmless.  But just who are they harming?  Republicans?  Conservatives?  Big Business? Wall Street? Bankers?  No! They are harming themselves, their President, The Democratic Party, Unions and the tax payers.

Let’s look at the movement’s issues.  Oh what, just what are their issues?  The 99%?  They are against anyone of wealth… Hummm, Michael Moore? Barbara Streisand?  Lady GaGa? Pres Obama?  Is anyone asking any of these people to empty their bank accounts to feed , cloth and house the poor?  No, they are attacking business owners who are providing  jobs, that allow individuals to feed, cloth and house themselves and their families.  They are squatting on public and private property in violation of numerous laws with impunity because they are the latest darlings of the MSM.  They hamper the traffic of hard working average Americas attempting to provide for their families by blocking their ability to get to and from their jobs.  They are impeding small businesses in the area of their protests by abusing their toilet facilities, blocking store and office entrances and trashing the local neighborhoods.  Just how is this helping the 99%, when they have done everything to ensure that they remain poor?

Is it about jobs?  I have seen numerous attempts by various business owners and head hunting firms go into the crowds offering jobs, only to find themselves shouted down and ridiculed.   So where is their argument?

Is it about free college education?  Just where in the Constitution is it government’s job to educate the populace?  I fail to see it.  The Federal Government has already overreached in mandating the curriculum of the public school system for Pre-K to Grade 12.  Their indoctrination has already lead to the heavy handed dumbing down of the last 2 generations in history!  Just where is it written that a college education is mandatory and guaranteed?  Already government grants have allowed career college students free lifetime rides in degrees of arts, literature and basket weaving.  Today’s students graduate with few marketable skills and wonder why they can’t land a job above mim wage.

Is it against Big Corporate America?  I don’t think so, when you see everyone has iPhones, iPads, Designer scarves, sneakers, whatever and swilling those CafĂ© Mocha Double Lattes.  Instead of berating the Crony Capitalistic deals of the Obama Administration and corrupt Congress, they attack companies that are honest and employing people with good wages and benefits.  The same companies that pay the shareholders a decent dividend.  The shareholders who are you and I, invested through our savings accounts, retirements funds, insurance policies, mortgages and other financial instruments.

What OWS has gotten wrong is they have no clear message.  The unions backed them until they marched on the ports shutting down Union Jobs.  The Greenies were with them until they left tons of garbage and human refuse in their wake.  The Democrats were with them until they called for the ouster of President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  The only ones still with them is the MSM, simply because they are not the Tea Party people.

The Tea Party has a clear and direct message, which when advanced has affected policy and legislation.  There are clear results.  Limited Government, Less Taxes and adherence to Constitutional Law.  This is what the OWS lacks.  You see the Tea Party swarm in for a 2 hour rally and leave, often leaving the area far cleaner then when they arrived.  You don’t see anyone arrested for illegal behavior.  You don’t hear of assaults, rapes or murders at their gatherings.  No one drops trowel and defecates on a cop car.  Yet all of these things have happened at the Occupy encampments, along with rampant drug abuse.

OWS has gotten just about everything wrong except for the right to exercise their free speech.  Now if they can only harness all of their destructive energy into something constructive and beneficial, maybe the 99% might listen.  But I don’t foresee that in the near future.

The main problem is the brainwashing of our children education system, courtesy of the federal government that has instilled this false feeling of entitlement.  This is not Generation X or the Millennium Generation, these are the generations of GIVE ME!  It’s no longer a “Chicken in every pot”, it’s free phones, free internet, free TV’s, free housing, free clothing, free medical care, free, free, free.  Now the government is paying you to stay home and not look for work.  Oh that dirty, dirty word! WORK.

They can’t imagine being responsible for their own actions and welfare.  The Twinkie defense threw all of that out the window. I stole that car because my parents yelled at me!  I killed that innocent  person because I never had a pair of designer jeans.  I took drugs because the teacher made me study harder. Sorry, those excuses don’t fly with me & that’s why the OWS doesn’t wash either.  No one told you to pick up that gun and no one but you decided to pull that trigger.  No one told you to buy that crack or cocaine and no one but you made that conscious decision to light that pipe or shove that needle into your arm!  No one but you decided to buy that booze, get in that car after you drank that bottle and drive.  You made that decision, not that Twinkie!

If you choose to make basket weaving your course major in college, then be prepared to find a job in only that field.  Just don’t expect me the tax payer to pay for your education, or should I say lack there of!  As for spreading the wealth?  If you refuse to work, don’t expect a penny from me.  I am willing to give a hand up to any worthy person, but NOT a hand out!  If I work 40 hours or more for my wages, I am willing to pay taxes to provide necessary and emergency services in my community.  I am not willing to pay for a slacker and leech.  Yes leech!  There is nothing wrong with working for personal wealth as long as it is honestly earned.  The greatest beauty of these United States is that it is the only nation in the work where the poorest amongst us has the potential to become wealthy.  We deserve to ability to retain the maximum amount of that wealth and spend or distribute it as we each see fit.  You do not have the right to demand that I or anyone else must work for your wealth or benefit against our wishes.  That is called slavery, by the way! And don’t say I owe you because you didn’t ask to be born!  I have yet met a person who Asked” to be born.  We all came into this world the same way, but the miracle that God has given us, called life.  We arrived naked and how we leave it is up to each one of us.  Do we leave fulfilled with the wealth, love and joy of family and friends or with our hands out still looking for the freebies?  I may not have material wealth, but I am glad to say I am blessed with the best wealth there is, that of friends and family.  Which will you choose?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Trolls Are Us Strike Again!

OK, I have been a bad girl and haven't posted in a while.  Mea Culpa!

What is prompting my latest rant is last week, we hosted a friend and he returned to liberal New York State boasting about his visit.  Unfortunately, as in the game telephone, things can gain a new life and this prompted an email from one of my guest's listening audience and my response.
Subject: Couldn't help but notice ...

Hi, Ann ...
  Going through the gallery of members' photos, I couldn't help but notice ... There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of black members. Now, I've been to South Caroilina ... three times. And there are in fact black people living there. No, really! I've seen them! Yet your gatherings ... your web site ... heck, your whole wing-nut gun-toting crowd ... seem to be exclusively white. Is there a reason for that? Just curious...
PS - J tells me that you "can't wait to kick my ass." Oh, really? Because I would love a chance to openly debate you. But as far as "kicking my ass"? ... You may be waiting a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, dear.
PPS - Calling my shot now ... Let's count how many days (minutes, seconds?) it takes you to ban me from your site for expressing an opposing viewpoint. Ever go to an Angry White Man Expr... oh, sorry, a "Tea Party Express" and try to express an opposing viewpoint? Try it some time as an experiment. It'll open your eyes. Bonus points if you disguise yourself as a black person and do it.

I am in receipt of your email and quite honestly I find no humor in it.  I found it highly offensive.  If you wish to have a policy debate, I require one simple rule, which is total civility.  As for other items you wrote in your missive, I will answer each as follows:

On behalf of the citizens of South Carolina, we welcome visitors of all persuasions, whether we agree with their politics, especially when they freely spend their dollars on our goods and services.  Thank you.

As for the photo gallery, you will note that the last picture posted was more than 2 years ago.  Updating the photo gallery is time consuming and labor intensive, of which I have let slide.  However, I do not choose pictures based upon a person's sex or ethnic background.  What was sent to me is what was posted.  Additionally, since the website is limited on space, I have chosen to allow the gallery to lapse and in time will remove it, since members found other areas of the site more important than that page.

Your 3 vacation visits to our Palmetto State does not equal my 11 years of living here.  There are a large number of Conservatives residing here of all ethnic backgrounds, of which the black population is a growing member.  Perfect example, Representative Tim Scott.  Until recently, Democrats have controlled politics in SC and Georgia and mandated that in order for anything to happened it would have to go through the Democratic cronies in power.  Voter intimidation was rampant and local councils cowed local black churches into convincing their congregation to vote Democratic.  This has slowly changed over the past 20 years, which is why recently that Black Conservatives have had the courage to come forward.  I refer you to:

Rowena Booker of SCBCM and Andrew Walker of the SC Frederick Douglass Foundation are good friends of mine.

If you visit my radio show page you will find numerous shows wherein various Black Conservatives were special guests or had called in as listeners.  Feel free to peruse the show archives available at

Next, I will address your "gun-toting" remark.  It is obvious you do not believe the 2nd Amendment is a valid right under the Constitution.  It has been upheld as lately as 2 years ago in District of Columbia Vs. Heller and McDonald Vs. City of Chicago in the Supreme Court. In fact the defendant in the Chicago case was black, who exercised his 2nd Amendment right in defending his home from a criminal invasion.  If we were to repeal the 2nd Amendment then the only people with guns would be the criminals and the police state.  That would work well when you find your home invaded by an armed person against whom you have no defense.  Try dialing 911 and using that to stop the path of a bullet.  By the way, every household in Switzerland has a firearm and this year they overwhelmingly voted to keep them over the threat of the upcoming UN Small Arms Treaty.  Remember, if there was a licensed gun owner on the LIRR train on December 7, 1993 when Colin Fergueson walked down the aisle executing 6 innocent passengers and injuring 19 others, a lot fewer people would have died or been injured.  By the way, the last time I went to the firing range, the range officer was black and several of the customers were also minorities.

Lastly, as to your comment on the Angry White Man Express in reference to the Tea Party Express, I don't think you can place that label on the following individuals:

Llyod Marcus - Tea Party Express
Andrea Shea King - Tea Party Express & Blog Talk Radio
Lenny McAllister - Hip Hop Republican & Author of Diary of a Mad Black PYC, Proud Young Conservative
Wayne Bradley - Conservative Is Cool & Blog Talk Radio
Emery McClellon - founder, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Tea Party & Veteran
James Tapscott - founder, Riamona, Calif Tea Party & Veteran
Thomas Smith - The Invisible Conservative on Blog Talk Radio & founder of CAFE Media (Conservative American Freedom Entertainment MEDIA)
Wesley Swimp - Project 21

and I can go on...

If you continue attacks on opposing viewpoints using vitriolic rhetoric, then I can understand why you get banned from websites.  Once again, I urge civil and logical debate.  Only with this type of debate can our nation move forward and out of the morass that BOTH parties have placed us and regain our exceptional standing in the world as the greatest nation ever created.


Ann Ubelis

PS - I thought you might find this site interesting:

Reverend Perryman and the Black Republican Party are suing the DNC and President Obama for racism.  Remember, despite the twisted way schools are currently teaching history, it cannot change the facts of which are:

In 1957 the Republicans presented Civil Rights legislation that, then Senator Lyndon Johnson consistently blocked.  Later, President Lyndon Johnson at first opposed the legislation, until he realized the powerful voting block that the Democrats could exploit if he passed the bill, thus usurp the claim that the Democrats are the party of Civil Rights.  In his book "Daddy King and Me", Judge Murray Silver, stated the Martin Luther King Sr and Jr were both Republicans among other assertions that the majority of Northerners going to the South to fight for Civil Rights were Republicans.  In fact, the civil rights leaders could not name one liberal Northerner in the fight.  (Judge Silver is a personal friend.  He served under Governor Jimmy Carter as a Democrat and was appointed to the Federal Bench under President Jimmy Carter) 

Democratic claims of being the party of Civil Rights fly falsely in the face of the fact that the Republican Party was formed originally on the Abolitionist base and was the primary movement for the Civil War and freedom of the slaves.  Up until the end of the Civil War the Cherokee Nation continued to hold slaves of both black and white races.  To date, no one has demanded reparations, much less an apology.  Additionally, many descendents of those slave have the right to declare Cherokee heritage and privileges, of which the Cherokee Nation is still fighting to deny.

PPS - I appreciate you divulging your full name.