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Sunday, September 6, 2009

What's Next? Sat, 9/12 is!

Slowly, there has been a simmering under current that has run through main stream Americans. It didn’t start yesterday, but it has hit a boiling point. It has occurred to the silent majority that, because they were silent too long, too may rights and freedoms have been revoked. It didn’t happen under just one regime, but several through different presidencies and political parties.

Now the silent majority is looking for a new moniker, as they are now, not so silent anymore. What do they call themselves, Tea Partiers, 912ers? Who are they? No single name seems to encompass this vast new voting base. The massive protesting voters appear to be comprised of libertarians, conservatives, republicans, moderate democrats and independents. They include those who feel the media and progressives slander them in order to cow their voices. These are individuals, who feel they are as equal to and as important as those who voice opposition.

A sleeping giant has been awoken, and it’s name is the American Spirit. Revisionist history books are currently fed to our children. They will not quench our spirit, instead it will cause a thirst for the truth. Despots can only control the truth for just so long and when it is unleashed the backlash will be a tidal wave that will not be stopped or controlled.

What have we done? We began on April 15th this year and eyed the surf for a good wave to ride. On July 4th we firmly placed our feet squarely on the surf board. Now, the big wave is coming September 12th, the timing is just right. Are you ready for the big Kahuana? I am. I’m ready to ride the wave to the return to liberty and freedom! Join us September 12th at 10am at the Waterfront Park, Pavilion. Let not your voice be stilled!

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