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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here? 10 Points!

The tide of change has hit America, but it is not what President Obama or the Liberal Congress members had expected.  Progressive and Socialistic legislation have ignited a backlash of American public opinion, which has caught them unaware. Or has it?

When under President Bush, amnesty for illegal immigrants was foisted upon the voters and they resoundingly said no.  Under President Clinton health care reform fell flat on its' face after the people said no.  Under President Reagan that Air Traffic Controllers Union was broken and it made our skies safer, yet President Obama wants to place a nominee in a position that wants to unionize the Transportation Safety workers. We can go on with grievances, but what we must focus on is how to prevent or stop them.

That is just what ordinary and everyday American citizens are doing today.  Previously silent people, who skipped voting in elections, who shucked the newspaper aside, only using it to line the bird cage or cat box or wrap that special item in a packing box, or switched from the news to watch American Idol are speaking out.  People are angry over uncapped spending and threats of further taxes and spending.  They are angry over the violation of their Constitutional and Civil rights by a Congress who feel they are far superior to the mere citizen. A Congress who they believe understand nothing about the legislation they debate.

There is no greater fool than one who feels they are smarter than all of the rest.  You may quote me on that!  The great populace of this wonderful Nation contains a vast and superior repository of expertise and knowledge.  Knowledge and expertise that Congress and our President would do well to heed.  With the advent of the internet and 24 hours cable / satellite news, now, even the stay at home Mom knows more about the Money Market Funds or the Iran Uprisings than apparently many members of Congress.

So, what do we do to get our voices heard?  With the falling like flies of the recent members of Congress from seeking re-election, I'd say, we are on the right path!  Here are my suggestions, please feel free to add to them:

1 - Continue to host Tea Party Rallies - Don't let them think we gave up or have lost strength.  Mass rallies play well on You Tube, Facebook and TV.

2 - Continue to picket the offices of your elected officials who refuse to hear your petitions.  Choose select days and times when it would make the most impact.  Sitting out there everyday only will make you look like a kook in the eyes of the news and public opinion.

3 - Don't stop Calling, Faxing, E-mailing your elected officials.  I found written letters, posted through the US mail will get responses.  Faxes are next best and E-mails get standard replies.  Phone calls disturb and will get you a real person in many cases, if you are persistent.

4 - Register to VOTE, which I am sure you are already.  However, encourage friends and family to register.  If you have the time, energy and commitment join a political party and be active.  Here you can make a tremendous influence.

5 - Write to your local newspapers editorials. Voice your opinion, get your view out there!

6 - Read, Read, Read..... Not just the news, but learn by reading books put out by all sides of the argument. If you are ready to debate a subject, know it! Listen to the other side's talk shows, hear what they are saying and form your reply with knowledge.  Strength comes from knowledge!

7 - Never argue with an idiot.  There will be those who refuse to fight fair in an honest debate.  No matter what you say or do, they will be belligerent and impossible to exchange with.  Know when to break away and find a better forum.

8 - Always be CIVIL! Never let anyone get to your last nerve.

9 - Don't Preach! - No one likes a person who pushes their beliefs upon another.  Best way to win someone over is by actions, they speak better than words.

10 - Network - Reach out to those who are of like mind.  Networking expands your reach and opens new avenues as well as avenues.  You never know what opportunity will appear around the next corner.

Know lastly, and I credit this to Herman Cain, Talk Show Host, who said all Liberals / Progressives S.I.N.
In any debate they will:
S = Switch The Subject
I = Ignore The Facts
N = Name Call

Be armed and beware.  May the Conservative Force be with you!


  1. Fantastic. 2010 the word is UNITY in the movement. Those who want to unite already are beginning and the result will be a most powerful movement. You know, I hope, I support you in all you do.

  2. Refreshing! Yes, we need to get into and educate particularly those that do not see the light. In a well behaved manor, firm yet polite.

    I know people will say I am wrong about this opinion I am about to say but I feel the Conservative movement is so spread out and un-organized. We need to defeat the MAchine that got the minority of politics etc in power, fight fire with fire. Thanks for this awesome post!

    Douglas Haugen

  3. Oh,..What I mean about "the minority of politics etc" is that the lar left librials and radicals are a minority, and were loosing the battle as such. I love this blog! God Bless and thank you for your efforts and sweat and hard work!

    Douglas Haugen

  4. We need more concrete action such as outlined in the following Freedom Manifesto: THE FREEDOM MANIFESTO

    I read an article in Politico on the agenda of, which explains their new agenda, now that the most liberal politician in our history has been elected President. Got me thinking of what it would look like if the "right" would - hypothetically speaking, of course - develop a plan to resist MoveOn, Obama and the age of huge (not just big) government. These people at MoveOn did not wait for politicians in Washington to step up to their agenda - they stepped up to the politicians and said "you are going to do this, or else." We Christians and Conservatives, likewise cannot continue to howl and fuss at Republicans who do not fight for the Founding Principles upon which our nation was founded. If MoveOn and the Daily Kos can do it, so can we. And we must. The attack plan below to restore Constitutional government, is just a start but should include:
    1.Establish the groundwork for a boycott of the federal income tax. If you no longer feel the federal government is operating within the confines of the Constitution, you have a moral obligation to become a conscientious objector and simply say NO to the payment of taxes to Washington. Does the Constitution give the Feds the right to bail out labor unions and give non-citizens rights and benefits? If you feel that by doing so, our sovereignty, Constitution and Bill of Rights are null and void then so is any responsibility you may have had for taxes under the 16th Amendment. 2. Begin a vigorous campaign to urge the public to home-school and/or send their children to private schools, with or without vouchers. Then begin a major program to build a private, non-union school system. This is the only way we will crack the huge union dominated government school bureaucracy. 3. Begin to use the legal system to fight big government. If the ACLU can do it, why can't we? We must begin to bring suit on every issue that threatens our nation's original freedoms and traditions. 4. We begin a systematic march on the media, especially television. TV is the medium through which the liberal agenda is being implemented. The left learned long ago that a picture is worth a thousand words and the best example of this is the pictures of bodies of dead soldiers they broadcast every time we are in a war they do not approve of (usually when a Republican is leading it!). Holding pro-America, Republican rallies at local TV stations would be a great start - especially if the liberals re-implement the "Fairness" Doctrine. 5. Boycott employers who advertise on far left liberal media outlets like NBC. No patriotic American should buy a General Electric household product as long as Matthews, Olbermann and their ilk are permitted to spew their anti-Republican, anti-American hatred. 6. Expose the controlling roll that unions play in growing a totalitarian media/government complex. 7. Establish an underground network of physicians and health care providers that will fight to preserve private sector medicine. 8. Establish Committees of Correspondence and Safety to provide communications and security - just as our Founding Fathers did. 9. Join the NRA as we have just as much right to carry guns under the 2nd Amendment as the media does to carry cameras under the 1st Amendment. 10. Demand adherence to the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Constitution and promote and support state sovereignty efforts. 11. Tell your health care providers that they do NOT have your permission to enter your private medical information in a Federal data base as required in the recently passed (and unconstitutional) so called Stimulus law. These are just a few of the actions that are necessary to first stop and then roll back the liberal juggernaut that threatens our basic freedoms and liberty. In our Declaration of Independence, our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. It is not too late for us to make that same commitment; in fact it is just in time.

  5. To 2nd Anonymous poster, I do hope you are participating in the Tea Party and National Strike Day movements.