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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Obamacare, Part IV - More Insanity So Pass The Aspirin, Please....

I, along with an eager nation today, awaited with baited breath for the One's brilliant and latest Health Care Proposal.  Sitting on the edge of my chair, I turned on the television to a news broadcast station that was set to air the Mighty One's speech.  Pad in hand, I furiously started to take notes as the mesmerizing words spilled forth from his purple lips.

Oh, how wonderful for all of us, the Anointed One is promising to eliminate denial of coverage for "pre-existing conditions", prevent cancellation of coverage "Should you get sick" and stop co-pays.  Hum, interesting.  Just how do you offset these costs, I wondered.

Next, such music to my ears as The One, who would bring "Change" to our impoverished nation proclaimed, he would extend Medicaid, offer the uninsured and small businesses the same plans offered to Congress, offer tax credits to help offset the cost of insurance plans and extend the age of coverage of children to 26. Then, I waited for the other shoe to drop!

BOOM!  He extends "Public Health Care" through Medicaid, thus placing a heavy burden on the individual state budgets with a mandated program.

BOOM!  He increases public sector employment (more government bureaucratic jobs - here's your Jobs Bill), by creating a "Health Care Work Force" under Title V.

BOOM!  Under Title III, He makes cuts to Medicare payments to providers and creates a "Panel" to ration your care (Oh yes, The death Panels are back).  The "Panels" will be comprised of Medical Personnel, to determine the level of care and services.  Doctors will determine your care, yes Doctors, who are employed by the government.  Gee, even a Doctor or Nurse can become government bureaucrats.

BOOM!  Under Title IV, He'll police your food, weight and private pleasures or activities, if it's detrimental to your health. "The Act relies on the innovation of small businesses and state and local governments to find the best ways to improve wellness in the workplace and in our communities."   Beware if you smoke, drink, are over-weight or like to bungee jump.  You just might be targeted.

BOOM!  Title I, extends the age of your dependent to age 26, you get to pay for your kids, even though they reached adult age and should be self-sufficient.

BOOM!  In one fell swoop, President Obama has proposed the violation of the IV Amendment of the Constitution:  "to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects...".  He also violates the X Amendment: The affirmation of state sovereignty, wherein any power not directly delegated to the Federal government is the sole power of the individual states.

Oh, I'm sure I missed a lot, but this was only with a speed reading of this drivel!  President Barak Hussain Obama has proposed another boondoggle of a Health Care Plan.  Now, we await the Congressional Budget Offices numbers, over which there will be much debate.

President Obama, I ask you this one simple question:  If you are walking over a very rickety bridge, do you stomp your feet and push recklessly forward, or do you take small steps and feel your way cautiously forward.  Attempting to bridge the health care gap is a very rickety structure, one that should be done one step at a time.  Just what is wrong with only one change at a time, see how it works, then alter, repeal or go forward with each success or failure.  What is at stake is not just your political future, it is the economic, physical and mental health of every American citizen and their children for generations to come.

This far too important to get massively wrong the first time.

To read the New Presidential Health Care Proposal go to:


  1. I found it both interesting & funny. While Obamacare is a very scary reality sometimes you have just got to laugh at the crap he is spewing.

  2. When we lose our sense of humor, we lose our gripe on our own sanity.

  3. Agreed. Health care reform is vitally important. Politics has gotten in the way of creating the best possible system. We need the best health care plan possible not this version. Health care is life and death; not politics. See my bipartisan plan here:

  4. This is a concise and damning summary of ObamaCare, recommend to all who care about the future of this nation. Because it's much more than 'health care', it's an assault on America's way of life. Yes, there is a need, often, to adjust to new challenges, but not radically as Obama wants.
    He will not succeed, this will be his downfall.