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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thank You President Obama!

Thank you President Barak Hussain Obama for your policies and action that have stirred the heart beat of grass root Americans, such as myself.  By doing so, you have caused us to rise from our lethargy and pay attention to current events.

Thank you, Mr. President for helping us to find our voices and causing us to join in a wonderful Americana Chorus.  Although we are the majority, we had thought our words had no force.  Now that we are silent no longer, we know that we have hit a nerve, that you and your cronies find  rather uncomfortable.

Thank you, Sir!  Without the Tea Party Ideal, I might have not become involved and help to form our Tea Party.  Through this growing movement, I have made friends with so many people, that under different circumstances, I may have never had met.

Thank you, because of you and your co-conspirators, I have had the joy of being befriended by a Retired Civil Rights Attorney and Former Judge, by nationally radio syndicated talk show hosts, by nationally syndicated columnists, by my elected representatives,and by Black, Hispanic, Asian and Gay conservatives across the nation.  I have had the joy of meeting so many people from so many walks of life and experiences, my head still spins from amazement!  What a ride, I am enjoying!

Thank you President Obama!  Because of your legislation and regulations, I have found myself giving numerous key note speeches and have over come my stage fright.  Now, I find I have a special talent with words and with motivating people, that otherwise would have laid dormant for the rest of my life.

Mr. President, Thank you.  Since my retirement, I have lead a very quiet, sedimentary life and no longer had friends in high places.  Because of my new found spot light in the Tea Party movement, I have received a personal invite and will have the pleasure of enjoying lunch with a handful of other people like myself with the Governor of my wonderful state, this week at the Governor's Mansion.

Sir, thank you.  I had never thought that this nation would ever elect someone worse than President Jimmy Carter, so I did not take strong enough action to make myself heard or to motivate others into action.  You have shown me the error of my thinking.  I will never make that mistake again.  In my heart, I know that from among the uprising multitude a new Reagan Conservative will rise and whomever that may be, they will hear our voices and they will listen.  Everyday, we will continue to fight to retain our rights and liberties.  We will restore our nation to the true republic our founding fathers left in our care.

Finally, Sir, thank you for giving my life a direction and purpose.

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