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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kiss Your Wallets & Credit Lines Good-Bye!

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As the stock market melts down once again, Congress and our President just don't get the picture.  Once again, the Senate creates a legislative nightmare of Finance Reform totaling more than 1700 pages.  Haven't these Senators, who feel they are far more superior in intellect than the average voter, learned from the Boondoggle called Health Care Reform?  We still don't fully understand what is in that debacle and day by day, we learn more and the picture just aint right! (I know, aint aint a word!)

What makes me really mad, everyone fought hard to put Scott Brown in Ted Kennedy's seat, and now he's turned his back on our voices and voted to bring this monstrosity to the floor.  No wonder why Harry Reid is crowing he has the votes to pass this act.  Thanks Scott!  Keep this up and there will be no second term, we promise you!

We need to step up our game and let our Senators know, we don't want this bill!  We want sensible reform that includes Fannie and Freddie Mac.  If you want to curb wild swings in the market, you need to look at the automated computer penny traders that are not regulated.  Stop the "To Big To Fail" policies.  Don't try to legislate and regulate every single transaction in the business world, which includes any agreement I make personally with a company I owe money to and our repayment schedules.  Small banks will fail because of the massive regulation that will be imposed.  If you thought you have a hard time getting credit now, just wait until this beast hits!

There will be unintended consequences in this bill.  If JP Morgan and Goldman Sacks are salivating over this bill, then I for one believe, we better take a long look at it, there is definitely something wrong here! 

Take a minute and click on this link to sign a petition to
Stop Finance Reform now!

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