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People can wrap themselves inside the Constitution, spew anything they choose to say, stick their tongue out in your face and declare you can't do anything about what they said. They have Freedom of Speech. Right? Yes! However, Freedom of Speech, comes married to the responsibility for ones own actions. If you say it, write it or draw it, be ready to defend it. Cower in silence, you abdicate your freedom and allow the bullies and censurers to win.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

WTF?! White House Plays While Americans Hold Their Breath!

Close to two months has passed since the Gulf Oil Spill and the Obama Administration has still taken only token action is this crisis.  So just what have they been doing? Vacationing, shopping and golfing in Chicago.  Filming a phony July 4th celebration.  Hosting a mega concert, topped by Paul McCarthy singing "Michelle".  Having a water fight on the lawn of the White House. Playing Beer Pong, a drunken beer game and completely missing the sobering disaster of the oil spill.

Now, our beer drinking Commander-In-Chief, rather than placing a call to the CEO of BP, calls the British Prime Minister and places a Beer - Lager bet over the US - Brit Soccer game.  When all else fails and the heat is on, throw a Beer Summit, have a drunken Beer Drinking Game or make a Beer Bet!  Maybe when shouldn't question President Obama's sanity, rather his sobriety!

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