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Sunday, July 11, 2010

SAY WHAT??? Where Do We Go From Here?

Being out of touch for more than a week, then coming back to reality is a real "culture & political" shock.  I traveled to my parents Condo where I entered the caveman age!  Without TV, radio or the internet you enter a cocoon and feel all is still right with the world.  It has taken several days back home to try to catch up and I still think, I'm in the dark.  I have learned that in one week....

*The Black Panthers hate white people - Duh, we knew that back in the 1970's when they wanted to & tried to kill white people and cops back then.

*The Federal Government is suing a state over State Sovereignty versus Federal Authority - Bush II did that and won, I only hope that Obama loses & Arizona wins, this time!

*Lebron James wants to change teams - Who Cares! (Same for the World Soccer Cup!)

*The Deepwell Oil is still spilling - Finally Obama suspended the Jones Act over 60 some odd days later!  But, the Federal Government has still no real contribution and cohesiveness in the clean-up or repair efforts!

*Dems want to raise taxes - No Kidding

*Congress is still raising the deficit and there is no end in sight - BIG No Kidding!

*In the war on terror, our troops still are not being given the support or full tools to win and progressives still want to talk "time lines"!  So what is another dead soldier to them???  Bet not one of them have a family member in the line of fire, so what do they care!

*The Justice Department is failing to prosecute crime equably but will do so rather racially - White man beware!

*Unemployment is not decreasing & Immigration is still amok

*Liberals are still blaming Bush and Obama is still campaigning!  Big Surprise!!!

*President Obama is still bypassing the Constitution with appointments and Czars while adding more socialists to the government payroll. - DUH???

*President Obama still needs a teleprompter to speak clearly & coherently!

*Congress wants to regulate what we eat, read, write and defecate!  Well, I'll let them have the defecation freely!

It's going to be a long two more years............  I pray we can turn this around in 2012....... Here's to true Hope & Change Back!

God Bless America and help us heal!

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