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Monday, October 25, 2010

What The Left Fails To Understand About Tea Parties

A recent article got my blood boiling!  Amy Gardner of the Washington Post fails to understand the heart and soul of the Tea Party Movement.  Read the article here.

This is my response:

Ms. Gardner,

It is a shame that you did not attempt to contact our group.  I am sure that I would have been able to assist you in your research into the Tea Parties.  We are easy to find on the Tea Party Nation web site as well as a simple Google search.  The web page, which I maintain is located at

Additionally, you can listen to my radio broadcast discussing Tea Parties with two other group leaders at

Next, you can listen this coming Wed morn to Lenny McAllister, as he & I discuss the Tea Party movement on the radio at

Just as the Revolutionary War began as in ideal and over 2 decades built into our independence, we are slowly changing the face of the nation back to what our founding fathers envisioned for this great country.  We DO NOT advocate violence, nor accept bigoted or improper behavior!

As we advocate conservative values, we spread an ideal, reminding our fellow Americans just what made us great.  It was conservative values that led to abolition and woman's suffragette.  We remind people just how precious our liberties are and how easily they can be snatched from us.

Our strength is in the fact that we are not organized into a single party or organization.  No one individual or group can claim all Tea Parties, therefor, none may control us.  Our diversity is our strength. For example, Beaufort and Bluffton Tea Parties will not align with or endorse any political party or candidate, where as Hilton Head will.  Yet, we unite enforce to promote our core beliefs. Tea Parties are united behind themes of:

Limited Government
Fiscal Responsibility
Individual Liberty & Responsibility
Free Market Economy
Adherence to the Constitution and principles of the Declaration of Independence

Our purpose is to Educate & Motivate: 

Educate the voters on upcoming and existing legislation and candidates.  We get them interested in the issues as well as our history as a nation. 

Motivate the voters to act by getting to the polling places as well as using all avenues of communication with their elected officials, government regulators and media to get their voices heard.

The beauty of the Tea Party is we do not mandate membership to participate.  Our web membership may number in the hundreds or less, but our reach is in the thousands.  Grandma on the couch can email her congressman and influence a vote much easier than a picketer outside the White House.  We are diverse people and groups, yet we unite in purpose.

We were the Silent Majority and because we were silent, we allowed policies to be implemented that has driven the nation in a direction that is not acceptable.  We have rediscovered our voice and will be silent no longer. 

Please feel free to contact me should you desire further insight into the Tea Party Movement.

1 comment:

  1. The fact that The Tea Party groups are staying de-centralized, is possibly it's greatest strength! Conventional-wisdom leads people to believe that there needs to be a centralized body, or leader; however, these unconventional times require unconventional methods! Just as some of the greatest military battles were won with unconventional methods!

    For over two years, I, and a few like-minded people, have been speaking out about the fallacy of political parties, and how they are usually a smoke screen for all kinds of unconstitutional activities. I think that message is also taking hold, and further driving the elites nuts, as there can't even target a particular party! LOL

    The Tea Party is however, built around the same Constitutional principles our country was founded on! And, truly, they are the only principles that matter!

    Furthermore, as long as Tea Parties stay true to, and aligned with, the original intents of our Constitution, whenever these elitists call us extreme, and misguided, then they must be confessing that our founders were also misguided! And, that the very foundations for this great country are misguided. Not only does that put them in a difficult position to defend, but it goes so against the great majority of this great country of ours!

    We should always keep in mind:
    While parties can divide us, our Constitutional principles WILL, and DO, unite us!