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People can wrap themselves inside the Constitution, spew anything they choose to say, stick their tongue out in your face and declare you can't do anything about what they said. They have Freedom of Speech. Right? Yes! However, Freedom of Speech, comes married to the responsibility for ones own actions. If you say it, write it or draw it, be ready to defend it. Cower in silence, you abdicate your freedom and allow the bullies and censurers to win.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Defending The Republic with Anita Moncrief 10/09 by Southern Sense | Blog Talk Radio

Defending The Republic with Anita Moncrief 10/09 by Southern Sense | Blog Talk Radio

This show is dedicated to: Army Pfc. Charles E. Bush, Jr., died December 19, 2003 Serving Operation Freedom.

Defending the Democratic Republic with Annie "The Radio Chick" and "Cool" Mike is an ongoing discussion of recent events, issues and the upcoming elections.
Special Guest is Anita MonCrief: joined the Strategic Writing and Research Department of ACORN Political Operations and its affiliate Project Vote. In 2008 I came forward to expose the damage that ACORN has done to the impoverished and marginalized communities, as well as its rampant voter fraud, and gained notoriety as the ACORN whistle blower.

It's a battle of Conservative values and principles in defense of our Democratic Republic!
You never know what we'll talk about: Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Socialism, Progressives, Liberals, Libertarians, 2012 Elections, GOP debates, Congress,Obama, Obamacare, Healthcare, NRA, Unions, Pro-Life, God & Guns, Constitution, Tea Party, hhr, aacons, tcot, Military, Veterans, Education, Czars, EPA, NLRB, Islam, Jihad, War on Terror, War on Drugs, Gangs, Immigration, Illegal Aliens and so much more!

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