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Friday, October 12, 2012

Right To Life?

To begin this debate took a long number of years, for me to make my decision.  I was in my teens when Roe V Wade was being decided.  I was brought up Roman Catholic and abortion as not an option. But, as a student of public schools I had a lot of listening to both sides of an debate.  Then the social revolution occurred in the 60's, 70's and 80's.  Social mores changed, but conservatism didn't.  In the end, it has been my anchor.

Have I always made the best decisions in my life? No one does.  As I walked the path of youth
 into adulthood, there have many if's and what if's.  Thankfully, my choices and at times luck has brought me to the moral right of most of my decisions. With half of a century on this Earth, I can say, the unborn need advocates.

The first fallacy that we must dissolve is that a woman has control over her body when she is pregnant.  She is controlling not only her body, but that of the unborn child. Don't let anyone let them call it a fetus, or zygote. It is a child! It feels pain, it moves in the womb. It is alive.

If this is a fallacy, then why do so many states now have live for killing fetuses in the commission of a crime?

Yes, you'll bring up rape, incest & health of the mother.  For rape & incest, counseling should be the 1st option before abortion.  Health of the mother is between the mother, her family and the Doctor.  Government has no businesses in any of these decisions,  These are private and personal circumstances. 

How many children of rape & incest have gone on to be our leaders and churners of our society?  Should they be discarded as scum of the Earth?  If your parent decided you would not be born blue eyed with blonde hair, you should be aborted?  Where do we draw the line on life or death.

Do we extend the right to life to those who are no longer productive in society? You can't meet our demand as to what you should be born as, we abort you.  Now, you are too old or feeble to produce, we cut off care an dlet you die early.

Oh - Yes - Obamacare!

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