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People can wrap themselves inside the Constitution, spew anything they choose to say, stick their tongue out in your face and declare you can't do anything about what they said. They have Freedom of Speech. Right? Yes! However, Freedom of Speech, comes married to the responsibility for ones own actions. If you say it, write it or draw it, be ready to defend it. Cower in silence, you abdicate your freedom and allow the bullies and censurers to win.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sharia in America

Defending The Republic with Tom Trento 04/19 by Southern Sense | Blog Talk Radio

Can Islam live in America under our Constitution? By all looks, it can not.  Then why are activist Judges violating the Constitution and imposing Sharia in America?  Click on the above link and hear our viewpoint as we interview Tom Trento.

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