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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Will you help advance the fight or sit home?

This coming Tuesday, May 7th our battle to advance the Conservative Cause in the US House of Representatives continues with the Special Election in South Carolina District 1.  The candidates are Democrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch and Republican Mark Sanford.  The decision should be clear, but the waters have been muddied by main stream media and political pundits.

There is no reason the Libertarians, Independents, Conservatives and Republicans shouldn't get behind Mark Sanford, but we seem to need to bring Republicans to the polls kicking and screaming.  Let's see if we can calm these temper tantrums and speak logically and bring it down to six main points, they are:

  1. Mark Sanford did not get the support of the National Republican Congressional Committee which dates back to 1866.  This first and foremost should be the reason we must support and vote for him.  He is not a Washington insider, but he knows Washington as well as they do and they fear him.  He makes the RINO's (Republican In Name Only) apocalytic! He will make enemies, but when he joins forces with Mick Mulvaney and Trey Goudy, they will weld a powerful block of power on behalf of the 1st District in Congress.
  2. Mark Sanford has garnered the endorsement of Rand Paul and other conservative leaders and groups.
  3. Mark Sanford has a proven track record as a fiscal conservative.  He angered the RINO's in the State House by challenging them to cut pork from the state budget by showing up with the two piglets "Pork" and "Barrel".  Yes, it was a publicity stunt, but he poignantly got the point across.  You have to love his originality and courage to buck the "Old Boy's Network".  His ability to tangle with the RINOs in this state's Congress helped South Carolina rein in a runaway budget and enact state legislation to prevent and hinder Federal intrusion.  It speaks volumes.
  4. Yes, Ethic Violations were leveled against Governor Sanford.  However, he publicly stated, that in line with his fiscal conservative policy, he would not fight the charges, in order to save the State the cost of a trial and to avoid unnecessary extended publicity.  The charges were neither proven or disproved.  Which would you have preferred? A protracted drawn out public media circus over a trial  at great taxpayer expense? Or a swift end of the incident with repayment of all budget expenses and fines, which enabled our elected officials to continue to concentrate of the budget and pending legislation.
  5. Yes, Mark Sanford had an affair. If having an affair was criminal, half of the married couples would find their spouse in jail.  He has been compared to Bill Clinton by his opponent who inferred he should have been impeached.  We are talking apples and oranges.  Mark Sanford sinned, but he did not commit a crime.  Bill Clinton, not only sinned, he committed a crime. President Clinton was impeached for the criminal act of lying under oath.  He was found guilty of perjury.  Mark Sanford did not perjured himself.  He did not commit a crime. He has been out spoken, honest and repentant about the incident.
  6. Recently, charges were leveled against Mark Sanford of violating an order of protection issued to his wife against him preventing him from entering her home.  The incident centered around he escorting his son home on Superbowl Sunday at Half-Time.  Rather than leave his son home alone because his wife was out of time, he attempted to call her on his cell and remained so his son would not be at home, alone watching the game.  Now tell me, who has not had difficult relationships and break-ups?  Divorces are nasty and messy.  Often innocent events get grossly blown out of proportion.  That said, an even more serious question should be asked.  Who violated a court order that sealed the document?  Who committed a crime to publicly expose the incident to derail Mark Sanford's campaign? Why is this crime not being investigated and the culprit brought to justice?
The Progressives are watching this race closely.  Nancy Pelosi has poured funds into Elizabeth Colbert-Busch's campaign in the tune of over $300,000, yet Mrs. Busch claims she will be independent.  Nancy Pelosi has already begun her campaign to regain the Speakers Chair.  For those who say they cannot vote for Mark Sanford, remember this, if you fail to vote then you have helped cast a vote for Colbert-Busch and thus aided Nancy Pelosi in her agenda.

The final question is, if a Nation can forgive Bill Clinton his sins and re-elect him to a second term, then what is stopping us for forgiving Mark Sanford his sins and making him work hard for the Conservative issues?

I for one am voting this Tuesday, will you and help us retain the House of Representatives?

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