How's That Working For You? Not To Good?

Bring Back The Meritocracy! Program

Our Guest is Dr. Ellen Brandt On Southern Sense Talk Radio

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President Obama was open about what he had in store for America as he
ran for his first term.  His Ascension to the presidency was the
culmination of over 100 years of progessivism.  The new norm is the norm
of socialism.  But it is the norm of the minority.

Worse, main stream media goes along with their message and ignores the outcry from the right.

So how do we awaken the majority, who are conservative or leaning
conservative?  Who are the majority?  Are they the youth, Hispanic,
black or migrants?  Are we aiming at the "Right" demographic?

These  are the questions we will as Dr. Ellen Brandt.

The call in number during the LIVE broadcast is 917-889-3675, Friday,
4/22 from 2p-4p EDT.  If you miss the live broadcast, click on the link
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