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Monday, April 11, 2016

Can We Build An Arab-Israeli Bridge Of Comprehension?

In his novella, Bridge of Comprehension, author Albert Mordechai writes of a possibility of unity between Muslims and Jews.  Is it really possible of a pipe dream, never to be realized?
For 1400 years Islam, while claiming to be a religion of peace has declared war against, Jews, Christians and other non-believers.  For those same 1400 years, the majority Sunnis have battles the minority Shiites and other Muslim sects.

What is the answer?  Better yet, is there an answer at all?  We'll discuss this with the author.  Join us, the call in number is 917-889-3675.

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Guest: Albert Mordechai traveled from Israel and landed in the U.S. A. in 1979. Brooklyn, New York, is where he started to build a loving family while he spearheaded his businesses.

As a loyal patriot to his homeland, Israel, he was troubled with the Israeli Arab conflict that continued for many years in history as blood from both sides has been shed unnecessarily. As a man that values life of all people, Albert found himself very passionate about writing a story that is very compelling and touching about both sides of the Arab Israeli conflict. He believes that all bloodshed will stop as soon as everyone realizes the truth about terror attacks and how they will never lead to peace. Willing to understand each other and above all, to value life, will bring both sides closer to peace.

Albert Mordechai, an Israeli, family-man, devoted writer and author, has completed his new book “Bridge of Comprehension”: a gripping and potent tale of love, war, family and fate.

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