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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Civilization Jihad Marching Forward - Are we safe after the Orlando ISIS attack?

Civilization Jihad Marching Forward With Paul Sutliff 06/14 by Southern Sense Talk Radio | Politics Conservative Podcasts

For years we have let radical Islam to expand in America, because we are afraid of being called Islamophobic.  But are we? Or are we aware that there is one group who uses the excuse of religion to subjugate entire people, enslave and murder in the name of Allah.

Jihad is marching across America and Europe.  Is it Fight or Flight here and now?

They completed "Stealth Jihad" by infiltrating our schools, media and social conscious.

Now, it's full force on "Civilization Jihad".  Are we prepared to fight back?

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Gun control, that President Obama calls for in the wake of the Orlando attack will leave law abiding persons defenseless and allow outlaws and jihadist fully armed. 

Let's get the conversation out there. 

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