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Thursday, July 7, 2016

"What Difference Does It Make?" Hillary Rodham Clinton, Presidential Candidate

"What Difference Does It Make?" Hillary
Rodham Clinton, Presidential Candidate

On August 6, 2011, thirty Military Americans, including 17
members of Seal Team Six were shot down at point blank range in an
apparent Taliban Ambush.  Was it an inside  job?  Why the

An investigation led by Brigadier General Jeffery Colt resulted
in a report that found no wrong doing by the planning team, or by
the personnel who allowed 7 unidentified and unvetted Afghan
troops onto the fatal flight.  Matters were acerbated when
Representative Jason Chaffetz lead the House investigation without
calling one witness who participated in the planning of the
mission, any of the Navy, Air Force or Army members familiar with
the mission in Afghanistan, the Taliban or with unit tactics,
equipment or team members.  Instead, they called the mortuary and
funeral personnel to testify.

No probative questions were ask as to who these 7 Afghans were
and who authorized the switch of personnel on the mission last
minute?  No one asked what happened to the black box, or why was
Chinook CH-47D used to insert Special Operation troops and not the
Special Operations preferred craft MH-47F which is swifter and
heavily armed?  Why were Army National Guard pilots who were
inexperienced is operating in hot zones and transporting Special
Ops into those zones used and not the preferred Special Ops

Congressman Chaffetz could not uncover simple truths to the
downing of Extortion 17 that the victims family have begged to be
answered.  How will he get to the bottom of the Hillary Clinton
email scandal or hold FBI Director James Comey or Attorney General
Loretta Lynch accountable for their failure to bring Clinton to
justice?  It begs to question, what was Speaker Ryan's purpose of
appointing Chaffetz to chair this committee investigating the
latest Hillary-Gate?  Was it to put on a public show and further
white wash the truth or will Chaffetz realize his past errors and
really get to the bottom of the email scandal?

In his book "Call Sign EXTORTION 17: The shoot down of Seal-Team
Six" author dived into all of the above questions and raises even
more.  He is in negotiations to turn his book into a movie, which
should prove and enlightening and controversial as the Benghazi 
attack documentary "Thirteen Hours".

Author Don Brown, who will be a guest on Southern
Sense Talk Radio
, Friday, July 8, is a former U.S. Navy JAG
Officer, stationed at the Pentagon, and an author of ten published
novels,and is perhaps best known for his bestselling novel,
Treason. Brown studied at the United States Naval War College in
Newport, Rhode Island, earning the Navy's nonresident certificate
in International Law. As an action officer at the Pentagon in
1992, Brown drafted legal memoranda for the Secretary of the Navy,
and was published in the US Navy Law Review, drafting a law review
article instructing United States Military Lawyers on defending
against temporary injunctions filed against the military. While
serving as a U.S. Navy JAG officer, Brown was appointed Special
Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of

Ann Ubelis

Host & Producer of Southern Sense Talk Radio

Fallen Angel: Downing of Extortion 17 07/08 by Southern Sense Talk Radio | Politics Conservative Podcasts

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