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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Is President Trump the answer or is there more work to be done?

Round Table with Rod Eccles & George Farrell 03/14 by Southern Sense Talk Radio | Politics Conservative Podcasts

Dedication: US Army Air Force Captain Albert Louis Schlegel, killed August 28, 1944 in or near Strasbourg, France.


ROD ECCLES OF THE The Rod Eccles Show
The Coolest, Most Politically Incorrect, Conservative Black Man on the
Planet Rod has lived or visited the nations of Greece, Spain, Italy and
Turkey. His father is a 21 year veteran of the United States Air Force
and saw active duty in Vietnam and Thailand. Rod is a strong
Constitutional Conservative. Rod believes in God, Family, Country, and
the right to the pursuit of happiness.


GEORGE FARRELL is the Founder of BlakPAC and Chief
Executive Officer of American Security Trust, LLC, an International
Business Consulting Company. He is also a published author and leads the
Success is Colorblind movement that teaches achievement is based upon
character – not color.

BlakPAC, using a proprietary database of registered minority voters,
engaged and deployed our nationwide network of grassroots activists and
volunteers to generate historic turnout numbers that made a massive
impact in ensuring Donald Trump’s resounding victory for President in


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