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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kiss America Good Bye

I watched today, Sunday, to the House of Representative's debate on the Reconciliation of Health Care and the debate on Health Care, at first, with great hope in my heart.  I ended with great dismay.  Yet, somewhere deep inside me, I still hold out hope, that the United States of America that I know and love, has not yet been destroyed.

Through razzle dazzle moves the House Chairs have ignored Parliamentary Rules and silenced any actions by Republicans to clarify rules or add amendments.  The Chair of the House Rules Committee, Louise Slaughter admitted that "technically" the "Slaughter / Deem It" rules violate House Rules.  Massive protests, phone campaigns and countless polls have loudly told Congress that the public don't want their bill.

Reform yes, not socialism.  Yet, Bart Stupak failed to listen and kowtowed to the "Anointed One" President Obama.  Foolishly, he believes that an Executive Order would miraculously cut abortion from the Health Care Takeover.  Instead, what Representative Bart Stupak wanted, was an easy out and a return to a "normal family life".  Well, Mr. Congressman, if you wanted a normal family life, why did you run for Congress?  Mr. Congressman, because of you, millions of unborn children will never have the chance to be born and have a normal family life!

Congressman Stupak, you and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter will have the honor to go down in history as the two pivotal persons, who changed forever the face of America from a Republic to a Socialist State.  May I suggest a name change for your children and wife, I sure as heck don't want to be in their shoes as they try to explain why Freedom died in America and who was complicit in it's demise!

What can we do now?  We can try to strip out the worst aspects of this monstrosity through legal maneuvering.  Follow the Americans for PosterityMark Levin's Landmark Legal Foundation and any other web site seeking legal redress.  We can't give up, we must keep fighting and stay informed!

May GOD bless American and help us return the Republic to these shores!


  1. I couldn't have said it better (@Walksalone on Twitter)

  2. Thank you. Now, if I can find a cure for my tears!

  3. I walked outside when this process started--and took note of the day and the surroundings--for i knew that moment was the death knell of my beloved country..i cry for America and her majesty and for my children that will be chained into hidden slavery for their lifetime--I even felt bad that I had children --for long after I am gone--they will be siuffering and i am responsible for bring them to life--
    this is indeed even a sadder day than i could have imagined--

  4. It is indeed a sad day, when we bemoan the beauty of giving our own children life, in these times.

    But, I have faith, it took us 80 years to get here and it just may take 80 years to get back where we belong.

    Now is the time to take up the fight and teach them to have the strength and courage to prevail and to teach them where their country failed them. Only then can we keep the flame of the republic and liberty lit.

  5. What a fantastic blog ..perfectly stated.. this is indeed a very very sad day for America ..we are witnessing the dismantling of our great country..towards a socialist state...