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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Are Liberals / Progressives / Statist So Violent?

      I grew up in the 1960's, where the riots of the Civil Rights movement filled the nightly news and the Vietnam War filled our every thought.  Anti-War demonstrations, sit-ins, love-ins, Woodstock and home grown terrorists like the Weatherman and Black Panthers filled the front pages of the newspapers.  My parents were Conservative and supported Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Laws.  Like the Republican Party, they wanted President Johnson to pass the Civil Rights Legislation proposed by the Republican Congress. They took the time to teach, each of my siblings and I, Conservative values.  However, for some reason it all fell on deaf ears with one brother.

     Oddly, that one brother, who turned out as a Progressive Liberal, was the one who was most violent.  I grew up separating my older brother from one altercation after another.  I thought it was just who he was and never equated it to an ideal.  Now, almost half a century later, I finally realize it is equated to the political stance.  It seems to be something ingrained in the philosophy.

     As a Conservative, I naturally shy away from physical violence.  For a great many years, I kept my political voice quiet so not to upset anyone.  Today, age and circumstance has loosed my lips and my keyboard.  Conservative in action and belief, we have been the "Silent Majority" and often ignored.

    As Conservatives we were silent, which allowed the Liberals / Progressives / Statist to assumed we could be bullied and beaten into submission.  The Weatherman used bombs, the Black Panthers, nightsticks at election polling places and now Code Pink tries to arrest Karl Rove at a book signing.  Former White House Adviser to President George W. Bush was all class as Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans attempted to place handcuffs on him.  Anti-War protesters attempted to rush the stage, causing him book signing to be canceled.

     Violent protests marred the Global Warming Conference in Copenhagen, the World Conference in Philadelphia and Seattle, Immigration Protests in Los Angeles and now there were attacks on Tea Party Patriots in Searchlight, Nevada.  A pie in the face of Ann Coulter at a college speech is not harmless, threats of handcuffs to Karl Rove is not harmless.  The violation of our persons, our freedoms and rights by those who wish to control us, is not harmless.

     Mao Tse-Tsung said that Political power comes from the end of a gun.  The Progressives / Satists / Liberals are attempting to hold a gun to our heads, while trying to take our guns away.  Just how will we respond?  Honestly, I hope just as Ann Coulter and Karl Rove have, with dignity, determination and within the law.  Let the other side implode and let not us explode.

     Just my thoughts, what are yours?

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