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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Census & What The Heck Do We Do????

All my life, I considered myself a law abiding "Conservative Republican" until Glenn Beck had on his show a challenge to take the test to determine your political stance.  Lo and Behold, I found I have Libertarian leanings.  Which was no wonder, since I have always detested the "Census" questionnaires.

Now, I may make a few enemies, or people, who claim I am a traitor to the cause, but I will beg to differ.  So hear me out, please.

The Progressives and Statist are betting on those of us, to NOT fill out the census.  Why?  They gain power and seats in Congress by their shear numbers.  They are hoping and praying, we will resist answering the 10 questions and chase the Census workers off our front porch and NOT be counted.

Who loses?  We do!  By failing to have our bodies counted, we will lose seats in Congress and thus lose our voice if Candidates we want are not elected.  Would you want Pelosi or DeMint? Another Harry Reid or worse FOUR more years of Obama, only because we lost representation in the Congress and Electoral Collage?  This is a real possibility, if those of us are NOT counted.

I read the census form and, YES, filled it out.  I personally failed to see the need for my phone number, and asked myself, what if someone didn't have a telephone or if it wasn't listed, did it mean you had one?  Just saying? What?  Would one be in violation of the census law?  However, I digress. When it came to ethnicity, I checked other and entered "American"  it's only 10 questions, not what others are telling you.

No where did it ask the question of toilets of other invasive things. It did ask about whether I won my home and have a mortgage.  It didn't ask my Social Security number or if I have heating.  To tell the truth, there are, as I understand it, a few more extensive questionnaires out there, but they are voluntary and not part of the regular census.

So, my answer is fill out the form, get our numbers counted so we out number the Progressives / Liberals / Statis.  Lets get seats added to Congress of the Conservative / Libertarian / Independent leaning and get the Obama atrocities repealed!

This are my thoughts, what's yours?


  1. I sent them a letter citing the part of the constitution that said all the information I have to provide for census is how many people live in the household. I told them the number of people in our household and that's all they need to know for how many representatives are needed.

  2. census doesn't count political affiliation right? so the argument doesn't even make sense

  3. Indirectly the census DOES count political affiliation. If an area is heavily Democrat and the return the census, they are counted. If an area is heavily Conservative or Libertarian and they DON'T fill out the census, they aren't counted, thus they loses Congressional seats!