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Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Americans Believe Obama is Muslim & Socialist!

What Americans have not seen, nor has been reported, catering to a specific religion’s legal tenets did not start with just the Muslim Religion. As a police officer in NYPD in the Williamsburg and East New York areas of Brooklyn, I witnesses Hasidim Courts taking precedent over our legal system in the 1980′s and 1990′s.

This, I feel had opened the door for Sharia Law gaining a foothold in America. The difference between the two is that Hasdic Laws only affected those of the Jewish Hasidim Orthodox religion. Radical Islam wants Sharia Law to apply to all Americans.

Progressive Judges in Blue States continually ignore the Constitutional Federal and State laws and bend to the creeping Sharia into our legal system and noted in recent news items. Blend into that the knowledge that President Obama was taught in an Islamic School in Indonesia the Islamic faith and Sharia Law.   Take into consideration that every time he travels to a Muslim country, he does not bring his wife, which under that faith is prohibited.  Remember President Obama bowing to the Saudi King, the defacto leader of the Islamic faithful in that country?  Or shall we mention the canceling of the "National Prayer Service Breakfast".  but the allowance of the Muslim Prayer Day in the Washington Mall?

His appearances and performance in visiting Mosques and Islamic audiences should be looked at carefully. To put the proverbial “fork” into the matter, take into consideration his flimsy statements pertaining to the planned “Ground Zero” mosque.  Would he not have served the American people better if he had stated in his speech, “That although Iman Rauf has the Constitutional right to build his mosque on the congregations property, we ask that he considers the moral right he and his congregation have to honor the American sacred ground of the tragedy of the 9/11 terror attacks, the close to 3000 victims, their family and the voice of the American people. We urge the Iman to enter into talks with the City and State of New York to find an alternative site for the wonderful multi-cultural center.”

The building that is to be the new mosque has never been searched for victims of the 9/11 attacks and was the site where the plan’s landing gear crashed through. It is part of Ground Zero and no one knows how many unclaimed remains are yet to be found inside.

To add to the Muslim leanings of this administration, we must call into consideration the questionable background and associations of Iman Rauf. Several watchdog groups have uncovered areas that warrant further investigation. These watchdog groups urged caution when the State Department hired Iman Rauf to make a 5 Mid-East nation tour. Rauf refuses to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah.
Although President Obama attended Reverend Wrights radical church, he has yet shown where he was Baptized as a Christian.

As for his Socialist beliefs? One only has to read his two books, listen to his numerous lectures and pre-Presidential election speeches. Need I remind anyone of the “Joe the Plumber” encounter of “spreading the wealth”? Add into the pot the numerous appointments to his cabinet, federal agencies and the Supreme Court? Can we say “Van Jones”?

During the Presidential Democratic Primary race between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, a certain talk show radio host mounted the “Stop Hillary Train”. At that time, I repeatedly screamed at the radio and wrote to this host’s show, that he didn’t know just what type of Pandora’s Box he was opening. We knew the lesser devil we would get, should Hillary get elected, we then were only to begin to learning the of the potential devil we now have ended up with as President.

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