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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Open Invite To All Politicians!

Open Letter To All Politicians

This is an open invitation to all elected officials, as well as current and past candidates to attend the 1st Anniversary 9/12 Rally by the Beaufort Tea Party, this Sunday at 1pm at the Waterfront Park.  We always encourage you to attend our rallies!  In our first rally last year on July 4th, we made the error of allowing politicians to speak and did not give the people a voice.  Since then, in the subsequent rallies, we remedied that error and only allow those who speak not be politicians.  We have been pleasantly surprised at the words and wisdom of the voters who spoke.

We whole heartily welcome you to attend and listen to what "We The People" have to say.  As a “grass-roots” movement, that has united a silent majority into a political force that is slowly changing the face of politics and policy, we encourage you to listen.  Feel free to press the flesh and kiss the babies.

Our members do not care what political party you are with.  If you think this is only directed to Conservatives or Republicans, think again!  The invitation is open to all politicians.  We would like to commend some of those who have attended all of our events, stood in the crowd, listening and answering, one on one: Mayor Billy Keyserling, City Councilwoman Donnie Beer, County Councilman Paul Sommerville, and State Representative Shannon Erickson.  Thank you, we look forward to seeing you this Sunday! For more information:

By A Beaufort Tea Party co-founder & webmaster

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