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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Episodes - BlogTalkRadio

My Episodes - BlogTalkRadio

Listen as we discuss the New Egypt - It's outlook, Immigration, GE and Obama, Muslim Brotherhood and a new Bail Out scheme! Catch the end when a liberal tries to get my goat!

90 mins of facts & fun!

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  1. I don't know about your other positions, some of them are rational and good.

    Your blog said start the debate about Fairtax. Great idea!

    I was a big supporter of Fairtax long ago. Before Boortz got in, before Linder, before Jim Bennett or Karen Walby. I was one of the early Fairtax supporters.

    But then I saw behind the curtain. Oh sure, it sounded GREAT -- that's why I liked it.

    But when I started to examine their "research" -- I found no research at all. I found they hired some spokesmen, and a public relations company, but no research.

    And I noticed, they claimed 100 supporters in COngress at one point, they claimed 600,000 "volunteers" and predicted six millions. All these great sounding claims.

    Why no hearings under oath? WHy no idexes in their book? Why all this fine print?

    What was going on?

    Of course no claims sounded better than the Fairtax itself!! WOW it was great! All prices come down -- so whatever the tax was, won't matter! Great!

    No tax forms! Great! No corporate taxes -- because corporations just pass the cost along! Great!

    Transparency !! Simple-- what's not to love!

    I'm here to tell you what's not to love. I was a Fairtax supporter who bought all this BS, and it took me a while to figure out how much BS iat was.

    Oh sure, every tax plan sounds great, and has things in the fine print that are different. Fine. But Fairtax went way, way way WAY beyond that in their fine print.

    All this about "only people pay taxes - remember"? That was their #1 principle, said Fairtax. org. Corporate taxes was a "CRUEL HOAX" because people ended up paying that anyway. Fairtax would not do that.

    A tax on PERSONAL consumption -- right?

    No. All that is wrong. IN the fine print, there is a TRILLION DOLLAR tax on city and state government.

    Yes, a TRILLION dollars. Worse, they don't mention this tax. Not once - in 10 years. Not in any speech. They don't mention it in any video. Not once. They don't mention it in any book -- except for one sentence, 10 years in. Then, they give ONE SENTENCE to it.

    I noticed that one sentence, and contacted Fairtax spokesman about it. When they give me double talk and distortions, I knew Fairtax was bs.

    A TRILLION dollar tax, that they don't mention? That when they finally say a word about it, its in the back of one book, in one sentence?

    Can you say BS -- can you say CON job?