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Monday, November 25, 2013

How do you battle the Obamacare fanatics?

There are hundreds of flaws in Obamacare. 

To begin with, we already offer free healthcare prior to the Obamacare debacle. Any person can go to any hospital emergency room and they by law MUST be treated. if they show up with just a cold, they must be seen and treated. They may sit waiting for several hours, while serious emergency cases are tended to, and if they have no insurance or means of payment, at intake, they are issued a Medicaid Card and the bill is send to Uncle Sam. Furthermore, local communities, especially in poorer neighborhoods operate clinics, where doctors and staff often serve pro bono (donated services) with low cost or often free services. 

Many religious congregations also operate free or discounted clinics, reaching beyond their neighborhoods into poorer areas.  For those who choose to not go to the hospital or use these clinics, many doctors will see them at discounted rates, for some as pro bono or offer a payment plan.  So we do have healthcare already for every person be they legal or illegal citizens. What Obamacare does is reduce the number of doctors and other medical personal by up to 70% while increasing the number of people in the system. For those entering the system under Medicaid (free) it does not prevent abuse of services. In many markets already the number of paying patients versus Medicaid recipients entering varies 50% to 70% joining Medicaid over purchasing a policy. 

Obamacare also forces patients to pay for services that never will use.  As a woman, I don't need prostrate exams and at my age I don't need fertility care, pre natal or child care.  Forcing me to purchase that is akin to saying when you go to the grocery store you must pay for coffee, soda and other mandatory items, but you can't use them or take them with you to VOLUNTARILY give away to someone else, much less sell them to someone else or seek a refund from the company. 

Obamacare has provisions to CONSCRIPT labor of any individual for any reason without having to compensate those persons for that labor.   Last I knew, that is called slavery and we did abolish that in 1865 with a little skirmish called the "Civil War". 

Obamacare has warrant-less searches of our homes. If the person is found to have items, be it food, beverages, books, weapons, music or anything that is deemed "detrimental" in the opinion of the person doing the search (who is NOT a law enforcement officer, but a politically selected person) the patient could be fined, jailed and even have their children permanently removed and placed in child services to be raised as government sees fit. 
Already Obamacare has seen MILLIONS of people lose their private insurance, which they were very happy with.  Obamacare has changed deductibles from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.   Monthly rates in many cases is higher than persons rent or mortgage. 

Obamacare rations care, favoring individuals between the ages of 16 to 45 years.   For everyone else, they must have their care approved by a panel selected by the government (current administration) and they are not Doctors, but faceless clerks.  Doctors when they see a patient, before they can prescribe treatment or medication, they must have it approved by the same panels.  If they fail to do so, imagine a heart attack victim awaiting panel approval, they are 1st fined, the 2nd time, the fine is extremely steep, the 3rd time the doctor is jailed. BTW, there are over 65 different panels. 

When you file your income taxes, you must answer extremely personal and private information. I could go on for hours as to what is wrong with Obamacare, but I think after the 1st 100 words, your eyes must be glassing over. 

Yes, I read the Senate & House version of the bill, long before Representative Nancy Pelosi famously said, "We must pass it (the bill) so we can know what's in it..." That is preciously arse backward. Read it, debate it, fix it up, than pass it. What we still have failed to learn as a nation, it big government will inevitably just about always get it wrong!

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