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Friday, November 22, 2013

Mr Obama, This Is Wrong - I Hate Silly People, Too!

My Letter To Obama


Mr. President,
When you were elected to the Senate and took office in 2005, I was curious. When as Senator, you railed against raising the debt ceiling, I said YES! Yet, as President you fought to remove the debt ceiling and I cried out, NO!

When as Senator, you fought to keep the Filibuster; I cried out, YES, He gets it. Yesterday, when you supported Senator Reid in killing it and in moments after its removal, placed more than 30 nominations before the Senate, I cried for our Nation.

As Senator, you voted against The Patriot Act, and I said he understands the Constitution. Yet, as President, you extended it. You allowed the warrantless NSA spying on innocent American Citizens on our soil. You allowed the IRS harassment of lawful citizens seeking to voice their political views.

As Senator, you said Lobbyists would not influence or work at the White House. As President, they are more bountiful in the White House and on K Street than cockroaches in a filthy slum apartment.

Sir, when you began your campaign for the Office of the President, I reflected back to growing up during the race riots and Civil Right Marches thinking, we finally made that last step to equality. Then, I began to listen to your speeches to learn more about you. That is when you frightened me.

You spoke of “Spreading the wealth”. Those of us who worked hard to achieve our goals through honest labor have no qualms with voluntary charitable donations to valid causes. Causes which work to elevate the neediest to once again become productive members of society, while supporting the weakest who are unable to achieve those goals. To make mandatory that we financially fund programs that promote dependence on government handouts, not only creates a generational cycle of dependency, but is outright theft from tax paying citizens.

You own Obamacare, thus control the very health and welfare of our citizens. That is outright Socialism. Government has no right to determine the health needs of my person, or to enter my dwelling to inspect it without a warrant, or to conscript my labor, all of which is in the bill. I read both the House and Senate bill long before Representative Pelosi said, “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it....”

Rather than reaching across the aisle to hear sensible plans to ease the burden of rising medical costs, such as Tort Reform, across the state border plans or any of the 36 plans placed on the House floor, you implemented an overreaching bill, which by 2017 will cost an estimated 125 Million Americans their health plans, forcing all of us into a single payer government plan. More government dependence is foisted upon us!.

I weep for our Nation as we sink in stature on the International stage and our enemies gleefully dance in the streets calling for our blood to run freely on the ground. I scream in frustration as scandal after scandal flutter across our eyes with no true investigations or repercussions for the perpetrators.

I do not oppose you because of your race. I oppose you for your policies and actions. Where I once saw hope and a future for our “shining city upon the hill”, I have instead found destruction and misery.

You promised transparency, but all I can find are smoke & mirrors to keep us stumbling blind in the dark.

Today, I weep for our Nation and I will continue to pray for her survival as a true Democratic Republic. I will continue to seek out leadership with the welfare of America first and foremost, their true intention, not just those who seek the glory of holding elected office. My voice will continue to speak out for justice and truth, urging these leaders to adhere to our Constitution and to enforce our laws based upon their Constitutionality and meted out equally to all citizens.

I have hope for change that our Nation is fundamentally changed, changed forever to its founding principles that made us the greatest nation in the world. Far too many brave heroes have sacrificed their lives for the principles and freedoms that make these United States of America unique. Those vaulted spirits cannot be ignored.

Sir, if you close your eyes while you sit in the Oval Office, you just may hear them call out for you to make the right choices. But, if you can’t hear them, as I do, then maybe, in the end I am right in opposing all that you have come to stand for, a path to Socialism.

Ann Ubelis


After I wrote this letter and posted it on Facebook, I got inundated with game invites on Facebook.  I usually get several a day, but today, it rubbed my last nerve!  I posted this!

AARRGGHHHHH!!! I love y'all, but PLEASE stop sending me game invites! I barely have time to wipe my arse. I don't need to spend time filtering out nonsensical games.

My purpose is to help send our Nation back on the "Right" path and when that happens, I will be more than happy to play silly games again.

When I can do that, we will all celebrate with a game and silly notes orgy, because our freedoms & liberties will no longer be in jeopardy.

If you think I am being extreme, then get back to me when your health care is cancelled, when you fill out our 1040 statement and find odd questions having nothing to do with your income on it, when you find your taxes rise, Doctor retire, cost of gas and milk skyrocket and your child come home with a school book that tells them white people didn't vote for Obama because of his race.

Oh wait, they already do! Read for yourself!

7 years ago, I was happy go lucky and never thought our nation would devolve to this level. 5 years ago, I was cautious, but optimistic that we will survive? 2 years ago, I was glad I had girded for the political battle and have no qualms in yanking you into the reality of the real desolation of our Republic and dragging you into the fight.

So go ahead, send me your senseless game or whatever invite, be prepared for my dose of reality.

If you take one 10th of your energy playing these silly games and apply them to saving your country, we can defeat Obamacare, Immigration reform, Taxation, Over-regulation and every other National Ill!

Lord knows, I dream about the days I was blissfully happy to play these computer games. Will you help me to regain those days we all can be content and safe to do so, knowing that our government and private lives are once more secure?

Ann Ubelis

Bring It On! 


  1. Fantastic Article. I like the fact is is NOT vitriolic and explains FACTS. Nice job. I am sharing

    1. Thank you. Sometimes I feel like I am shouting to the wind. You have given me hope, that the wind will carry my voice. God bless you and I hope you become a listener of the show at