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Monday, February 2, 2015

Are You Male Or Female, Mother? | PUNDIT PRESS

Are You Male Or Female, Mother? | PUNDIT PRESS

New York City’s Department of Health (DOH) has updated it’s Birth
Certificate application, last week. While this may not seem news worthy,
the amended application has raised eye brows across the nation.

The application asks if the mother giving birth is male or female.
Biology 101 has in the past taught that only female humans can give
birth, so one would wonder why such a selection option is available on a
birth certificate.

The website Redacted Tonight ( reports that, “Susan Sommer, an
attorney who practices on behalf of an advocacy group that represents
lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and trans persons, told the Post that the
updated paperwork eliminates any issues that may arise if the parent
giving birth is in any stage of a gender transition.

“To be clear, it is possible for a person who has given birth to a
child to identify as male,” Sommer, of Lambda Legal, said to the

According to the Lambda Legal website, thousands of children across
the United States have parents who are transgender or, rather, identify
with a gender that differs from the sex assigned at birth.

“A form that is respectful and doesn’t make assumptions about sex or
gender of people parenting children is fine to me,” Sommer told the
Post. ”

However, no one is asking the pink elephant in the room question. Why
is a pregnant mother taking transgender drugs? More over, why is a
woman, transitioning into a male, knowingly enter into reckless behavior
that result in a pregnancy?

The effects of alcohol, drugs, chemicals and certain foods have a
direct effect on the developing fetus.  Estrogen can cause
miscarriages.  Testosterone can cause physical defects and gender
dysphoria.  Alcohol can cause a still born birth or Fetal Alcohol
Spectrum Disorders (FASD).  FASD causes irreversible physical an mental
defects on the unborn child. Any woman who endangers her unborn
child/children during her pregnancy to complete her transformation to a
male maybe committing a criminal act in numerous states, where the
conduct of the mother recklessly or deliberately affects the health and
safety of the unborn child.

While, we do acknowledge, that a woman may face a physical attack,
such as rape, which may result in a pregnancy.  Then, willingly carrying
that pregnancy to full term, should be a decision carefully thought out
under a strict medical care to ensure the health of the child.  Either
way, at the time of birth, she still is in fact and reality a woman.

Would it not make more sense to have a box to amend the certificate
at a later date, to show, that although the child was born to a woman,
who on such a date in the future, transgendered into a male?   Would
that not be healthier to the child’s’ mental welfare to know that they
had a normal birth?  Or are we back in 1994 and the Arnold
Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito movie, Junior?

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