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Sunday, February 1, 2015


OK, so I haven't had a in depth posting in a while, but something has to really piss me off first!

Here's my letter to the Koch Brothers.  Check out he video link embedded in the letter.

Dear Charles & David Koch,

I wish to kindly thank you for employing me as your TEA Party spokesperson.  However, I wish to point out to you, I seem to have a slight problem with your Accounting and Personnel Departments.  First, to wit, I have never received a paycheck or any other compensation from you.  Secondly, neither department in any of your organizations have ever heard of me or could find any application, interview or contract between your companies, myself or my TEA Party group.  Neither could I!

What's up with that?

According to a recent discussion on the TV show "Anderson Cooper 360", panelist Roseann Barr asserted that you and your brother pay for TEA Party groups and their spokespersons.  She was quite vehement in her assurance to fellow panelist Ted Nugent.  In fact, she affirmed that the TEA Party movement is populated by and caters to  "rich" people.  Link here:

Somehow, I seem to have missed the memo as to your generous offer, as well as found myself with an incomplete listing of our meeting attendees.  Unless, those who support the Beaufort TEA Party have gone through extensive theatrically misdirecting appearance and personality transformation, our group has attracted only "working class" people.  Maybe, I am doing something wrong?  Can you lend me your A-List so I can invite the "Right" people with the appropriate finances to qualify as rich?

If an offer was ever made, to employ myself as spokesperson or to finance our group, on behalf of the Beaufort TEA Party, SC, I must cordially decline.   We are only a loosely affiliated group of like-minded individuals, who embrace TEA Party values.  Since we are not a formal organization, or 501 (c3) or (c4) we do not accept donations, stipends or have salaries.  We do not keep a membership list, but do meet on a monthly basis to exchange ideas and information amongst ourselves, elected officials and other organizations and concerns.  Everything we do comes out of our own pockets and  is often not reimbursed.

In conclusion, if Ms. Barr is correct, please tell me how we can reap your rewards legally.  However, I will still decline any offer of employment.  I am having too much fun in retirement tweaking the blissfully ignorant progressives with the truth and good Christian love.


Ann Ubelis
Beaufort TEA Party, SC

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